Cloud HQ - and our files

I wanted to let everyone know that I am changing cloud servers. We are moving from BOX to Google drive. I am using the great service, CLOUDHQ, to accomplish this task. It is a service that synchronizes cloud services - thank you Spirits for making such a great program! I highly recommend that try Cloud HQ if you have files that need to be moved around on the web. To streamline this change I deleted many old files off of box - all the healing sessions from 2013 and earlier, and many of the old class folders from 2013 and earlier. Everything is still on my computer - somewhere -  so if you need access to a file let me know. As I figure out Google Drive I will give you access to your certificates and recordings.

Thanks for everything!

Marcia Swilley memorial

I just heard the terrible news that Marcia Swilley passed in a car wreck last Wednesday. My heart is shattered. Marcia always was there to support me and the school. So dear to my heart. She healed so many of us. She was our sacred grandmother. I am crushed. As I learn more about services and so forth I will share. Meanwhile let's use this blog and Facebook post to share our memories. Marcia will be reading!!

Bumblebee Altar

imageAt Bumblebee this year we used a beautiful mirror for our altar. Jo bought it for me in florida, thank you so much Jo. The mirror is the shape of a turtle with blue with white mosaic tiles around and oval mirror in the center. It looks so much like my healing circle in the lower world. Grandmother Sunflower often set a mirrored surface in the center of the circle. The client is floating above the mirror, and then a fabulous blue and white shimmering light surrounds the client. That light transmutes the troubles in the clients energetic field. It emanates from (or maybe "is") the creative power of the universe. It is everywhere, and employed by the spirits to serve many healing functions. This beautiful mirror reflects that power that I see in my sacred circle. I just love it!

Mira reaches the other side

Mira left her body and entered the spirit world very recently. It was ultimately my decision. I wanted to hear if Mira was ok with it. I also wanted us to experience any healing that could be had for our life together and her passing. My experience was unbelievably personal. I did not expect to receive a one on one healing and blessing session. Karen is an amazing conduit to the forces and energies of the universe. The conversation with Mira that she engaged in reflected so much of what I would have liked Mira to have experienced while she was here on earth. She was not able to relax and enjoy life as it could have been for her... even when she ultimately ended up in a home surrounded with love, patients and acceptance. It was a joyful relief to know that she is free from her mental and physical burdens that experienced here on earth. She was loved and will be missed.

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Free Recording of Healing Clinic

healing clinic
healing clinic

We had a fantastic time at our Shamanic Animal Healing TeleClinic last night. The call was on Maestro Conference, a teleconference system that gives us break out rooms. Many of our healers paired with clients for private healing sessions, while I and several clients and healers remained in the center circle where we keep the fire going. We call in Spirits and collectively support the healing rooms with loving energy. We also do healing work in the center, and this week we worked on several animals. One of those was Ray Wiley Hubbard, an adorable Donkey who was moving from his rescue to his new forever home. Kate Bremmer asked us to help him with the transition, because he is not experienced with halters and trailers, and he has been in rough conditions in the past. She wanted to make sure he knew that this was a great thing, and that he would be safe and loved forever. I led the session, with Mary and Dorrel adding power and healing as well. We let Ray know that his new home would be wonderful, and got him excited for his prospects. The Spirits recommended that Kate use a chute to load him rather than a halter so that he wouldn't need to be concerned. It would be like going into a stall filled with yummy food.

Here is what Kate had to say the next day:  Ray Wiley met his new family today, and with a minimum of fuss, went into the trailer when he was ready, using a chute. I think he knew he was leaving today as he left his breakfast hay bag, but he sure did like the Nicker Makers that his new family brought. I told them about his power companions Kolur and the little dog. They were happy to hear this.

The recording features the center circle, and then reports from the breakout rooms. It is very interesting and filled with beauty.  As you listen you will experience the healing for yourself! There are stories of emotional healing, physical healing, general communication, and transition to the afterlife - a cross section of cases that illustrate what SpiritHealer School is all about!

Listen Now
Listen Now
certified healer
certified healer

It was graduation day for Judy Ramsey, Patti Cora, Kim Sielski, Karen Stockwell, Lynn Cohen and Susanne Helms. You can see their bios on our Qualified Healer page. 

Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic Gratitude

healing clinicTonight we have Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic, and I am really looking forward to it. I am asking for healing for everything that is making us stumble and bumble. My client tonight is Timmy, my tabby cat who got suddenly paralyzed on one rear leg. It happened on Halloween. Our vet thinks it is a rare spinal condition that will resolve, and indeed he is better every day. Matt and I are very thankful for Timmy's recovery, and for so many big and little blessings. What a fall! It is so beautiful here in Arizona. The sun is warm. The sky is clear, and the birds are flocking to our feeder. The horses are settled, and really everything is good. It is easy to look at the challenges and get absorbed in them - and this last year has had plenty of them. Friends, family and animals crossing, car wrecks, Timmy's sudden paralysis. Lots of hard hitting stuff. Emotionally it is challenging. Yet somehow when I choose to see the sun, I see it. When I choose to stand in a place of resolution and restoration, I find it. When I make the choice to stand, I stand - albeit with a tilt to the right and a slight limp.

Healing clinic tonight will be a lot of fun. Hope you can join us!  See for the event listing and to register.


What to expect in Shamanic Healing

Carla Meeske
Carla Meeske

These Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic cases remind me again of what shamanic healing really is - engaging the Compassionate Spirits to bring healing and wisdom to those seeking help. When we ask, "Did this healing work?" Our first thought is to judge the healing against our specific request. I suggest we see the bigger picture. When you receive a quality shamanic healing you can expect your healer to hold a clear and focused intention for the outcome you seek: to engage very powerful Spirits, to stand witness to the Spirit's work diagnosing the spiritual aspects of the issues, removing intrusions and blockages, infusing the client with Spiritual guidance and Power, restoring soul, light and love. However, just because we set the strongest intention and do the work with incredible focus, we may not get the result we requested. We have asked wise and compassionate Spirits to intervene on behalf of the client, and they know what is really needed. Their idea of the best outcome  may not be exactly what we were envisioning.

A good shamanic healer sets a very clear intention, and calls in specific Spirits to help. We may even BEG for that outcome and we should, because to get a miracle, you have to set your teeth with determination!  The Spirits respect that. They too have a singular determination to help us through the trials and suffering of life. Sometimes a shamanic healer will simply set the intention for "the highest good" and just channels energy. But usually the session has a very clear intention, and we work hard with the Spirits to achieve it.  And then, when the session is finished and we have closed the circle, we let go of that outcome. We trust that Spirits know what is really needed, and that they will stay with that client long after the session has ended to help bring it about. Sometimes we DO get the miracle and WOW is that exciting!

Denise shared this testimonial with me after her husband's healing session at my home. His mouth had suspicious sores, which the doctor said were cancerous. It was just a matter of the biopsy to prove it. The Spirits were very strong and clear. It was a joy to do this session. (See more testimonials )

When I asked him how it felt he stated “as soon as I walked out of Carla’s house I just knew the cancer was gone, so I never thought about it again”....I wanted to give you an update to celebrate!  My husband went to the specialist and wouldn’t you know …….. they can’t find anything in his mouth! The same doctor who carried on about all the cancer treatments [because he saw evidence of mouth cancer] was now just speechless…..The puss and sores in his mouth started clearing up right after the session with you… and by the third day they were completely gone!  THANK YOU CARLA FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING GIFT!

What a thrill is was to get this note! But it isn't always this clear and clean. Sometimes the healing outcome is not as obvious. Maybe the healing was really to restore soul and release old encumbrances. And even through the client may not get the outcome they were seeking, they become empowered and can start to fix themselves! or maybe the outcome is to come to peace with the reality of our frail physical forms, or our lost relationships, or our animals departure, or whatever. The Spirits are very good at guiding us to our serenity.

So if the Healer should not be judged by the outcome, then what SHOULD you use to judge a healer's quality (and you should indeed do this).  Their preparation. Their training and their clarity with describing the Spirits and the work. Your intuition telling you that the Healer is not laying a personal trip on you, or showering you with their personal knowledge and advice, but rather, the healer trusts the Compassionate Spirits to lead the session, to do what needs to be done, even if it is weird and unexpected. The Healer TRUSTS the Spirits. This is how you can tell you are in good hands.

The bottom line in shamanism is this - your healer is NOT doing the healing. The Compassionate Spirits are. The healer is a Hollow Bone. That person has devoted many hours to become a clear, strong channel - a very clear bridge to Spirit. They set their egos aside and do the work unencumbered by their own ideas and judgements. It is not easy to be this person. It takes a lot of experience in shamanic reality, including learning healing techniques, and receiving personal initiations. And it takes the perpetual grace of the Spirit Guides the healer works with.

Tobee Wan is doing poorly after dental surgery.

Tobee Christmas, poor dearTobe Wan Kenobee: kitty who won't eat after dental surgery, and who vomits and is dropping weight.Qualified Healer: Karen Stockwell Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client: Kaylen Excerpt: Tobee hasn't been right - not eating well, losing weight, dry fur. We have been trying to get to the bottom of it, and tonight we asked the Spirits to help.

The healing was beautiful, and Karen was wonderful. The imagery was very clear I felt the energy. I wish there had been time for her to talk to Tobee so I could know if there is something I should be doing to help him. We'll be at the point soon of having to get x-rays at the vet.

The Healing: From Karen: Tobee is placed upon a wooden block then my guide takes a beautiful white and gold inlay egg off of his altar. It has red and gold with a fluke on each end. He puts the egg on Tobees crown and inhales extracting through the crown. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes colorful confetti into the air landing as flower petals upon the floor. He takes a second egg from the altar and places it on Tobees chest and inhales extracting from the chest removing the feeling of nausea between the throat and the chest. He takes this egg which is blue and red and gold-throws it into the fire where it explodes and flies away as birds as it is transformed to healing energy. He takes a third gold egg to a dull ache at the base of Tobees tail and extracts it with his breath into the egg. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes and falls to the floor transformed into flower petals. He takes another egg from the altar and turns Tobee onto his back. This one is placed at his abdomen where there is an unsettled feeling in his stomach. This is extracted into the egg via inhalation and thrown again into the fire where it explodes into birds that fly away. Another egg is taken from the altar this one is green and turquoise and gold. This one is used to extract some discomfort between Tobee's shoulder blades. The egg is thrown into the fire where it explodes into confetti and falls to the ground as all different colored flower petals-pink, gold, red, blue, and orange. The petals are all cleaned up and put away for future healing work. My guide takes his last egg from his altar in order to infuse healing into Tobee. He holds the egg up over his head and allows it to be struck by the power of lightening. The egg glows a bright, bright, bright piercing white light. He blows through the egg which he placed over Tobee's head. The light enters Tobee's crown where it extends into his head, down his shoulders, his feet, his back, through all of his organs, into his bloodstream, down his back legs into the earth, down his tail. Tobee is glowing white, a beacon of white light I can no longer see him, only the glowing light. I start to see him again under the light as it absorbes into his body he looks gray as it absorbs, then turns black again. I'm told the power of lightening will continue to heal him. My guide signals the healing is over by taking the egg he just blew lightening through, throwing it into the fire where it shoots back out cleansed, and my guide returns it to his altar. He picks up Tobee & hands him to me. He asks me to join him in the Shiva healing mantra three times for Tobee. (Om Trayumbakam Yajamahe. Sughandhim Pushti Vardanam. Urvar-ukamiva Bandhanan. Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat). He tells me we are finished and we leave back down to ordinary reality.

From Kaylen:  Due to dental issues, Tobee has only two teeth left and the little ones in the front. His last oral surgery was in April and after that is when the problem mostly was pushed around in the bowls or dishes and very little was getting into Tobee. I discovered he would eat out of a plastic wide-mouth jar lid (while I held it). It seemed to be the only way he would eat.

Tuesday, the next day after clinic, Tobee Wan remained ill vomited twice. Friday AM,( four days later) he has improved more:  "This morning he seemed more normal, a bit feisty. Perhaps it was because he accidentally got  shut in the other bedroom last night. ROFL This morning he tore out of there and ran for the kitchen.  I am grateful for every morsel he consumes. His fur is still dry and he needs essential fatty acids. I don't want to rock the boat by adding a new ingredient just yet."

Zander is extra fussy about eating

Zander the CatZander: A kitty having trouble eatingQualified Healer: Karen Hisata Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client's Name: Robin Excerpt: Zander, the polydactyl cat acts as if he is electric shocked when he begins to eat his food. Robin took him to the vet where they performed oral surgery on him to help him. But it has not helped him. He is now afraid to eat and is so thin.

Zander  will eat with encouragement now. He hasn't pulled back from his food the last few feedings, but I still have to stick the food right in front of him (he is definitely asking for food and hungry), and then sit with him while he eats. He doesn't seem to mind some of his buddies around him either, but he wants me next to him or he'll stop.

The Healing: From Karen (healer): Zander was brought to the Healing Circle but kept looking miffed, ears sideways, eyes slits. I asked him what was wrong and he said he did not want to be there. Mentioning this to Robin, she said she had taken Zander from his cat friends into the room and shut the door, and that he was standing at the door wanting out to be with his friends. I asked her to let him out and that we could still do the healing work. After he rejoined his friends he was very happy to be in the circle and had a happy face! Grandfather who is a Master of healing hands-on sat with Zander and immediately began to look into his head. His hands can move through an animal as if they are non-solid, and he began to do healing within Zander's mouth. The healing work went beautifully and Zander left a happy cat.

From Robin:  I can't find any evidence in his mouth that he has any residual paw--or infection--from his dental that included an extraction of one tooth that was a tough one and one small easy one. BUT I have a tooth ache on my left side. Could he be channeling mine?

Don't Touch Me!

GenesisGenesis: rescue kitty who can't be touchedQualified Healer: Karen Hisata Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client's Name: Robin Excerpt: Robin rescues cats and Genesis was one survivor who Robin adopted as a kitten. She has been raised in a loving environment and is now an adult, but she does NOT allow humans to touch her not even Robin. What is the problem!?

The Healing: Genesis comes to the Healing Circle with aplomb. She sits regally in the center. She shows me herself in a past life. I see in her place a beautiful and giant Lioness! I feel her presence - Lioness is a masterful hunter, she is WILD, she is proud. She is a Queen. Genesis then shows me her home and it feels to be her 'Realm'. She tells me she is WILD again and is proud of who she is. She has no problem with the people in her life, and appreciates their service & Robin's care, and that she is very happy with the way things are. and especially with her self. In this journey there was no 'healing' but more a soul speaking its truth. What a cool cat!

Honor to our Graduates!

We had 22 clients at healing clinic this week - a record! The night was Extra Special because we are honoring our most recent graduates. These smart and talented people now have their Certificates of Shamanic Training from SpiritHealer School of Shamanism. Click on their pictures to see their bios in our Qualified Healer Directory I have asked the participants to share their stories, and I am posting them as Healing Clinic Cases in this blog. We did two rounds of healing, with 15 breakout rooms at one time! It was simply amazing to feel the energy radiating from each of the healing sessions. I held the bonfire space in the center and quick connections to people animals as they were waiting their turn for a private session. Please visit our blog to see the cases - so interesting!


Meg: Compassionate healing for chronic pain

Meg has a painful neurological problem, Syringomyelia, that causes her almost constant pain that is controlled with pain killers. We want her to have relief without adding more chemicals. Mary Helen was great. She described what she was experiencing all during her journey and Meg's healing so I could follow along easily. It also appears that the healing definitely had a positive effect on Meg.

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Yarnell Fire Journey


The Yarnell fire, which claimed 19 firefighter lives 2 days ago, is about 80 miles from where I live. Our whole community is reeling. The Healing Clinic on Monday July 1 was a small gathering of Qualified Healers, and we chose to do a healing journey for those affected by the fire. We set our intention to go to our sacred circles in non-ordinary reality, and ask our Spirit Allies to do whatever needs to be done to help all the suffering beings, be they human, domestic animals, or spirits of the natural world. Three of us individually and separately saw that Spirits have set up "soul shelters" for the suffering people and animals in non-ordinary reality. Mine looked like a huge soul refugee camp in my sacred circle, with wooden teepee like structures. There were white lines of light connecting each soul to its proper "owner", and those lines were protected by Centaurs. The other people saw things a little differently, but the gist was the same. ( I also saw Dragons working to create a fire line, and important Compassionate Beings working to restore balance to the 4 elements so that the fire is less destructive.) These Soul Shelters are places where their soul parts can be safe while the person animal goes through the drama. After the drama ends, then the soul will be safe for recovery, and the spirits have lined up helpers to bring those souls home.

We also each saw a sophisticated system in place to restore balance and bring healing. The compassionate spirits are responding with a collective knowhow that is ancient and true. Seeing this was a revelation to me.  It explains so much even though I still can't put what I learned into words. That all of us saw the same things is confirmation.  We set our intentions to ask for help, and we stood witness to the incredible support system that the Spirits already have in place.

I have posted recordings of our journey here. Part 1 states our intention. 7-1-13 healing clinic Part 1

Part 2 shares the report of our journeys. Part 1 is attached here.  I welcome you to listen to the intention and do a journey as well, and share your stories with us. To listen to Part 2 please go here:  Journey for Yarnell

Gail Helps Schroder in Healing Clinic

I started at my middle world where I meet Schroeder and Cindy, and we traveled to the upper world. In the upper world we went to my healing space and my Bear guide was there for the healing as well as a Dolphin that showed up as one of Schroder’s guides. This was a first for me to be working with a Dolphin.

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Dragons in the Sky

Dragons in the SkyThis weekend I am teaching a Dragon Workshops for CAT in DeLand, Florida. This is the first of several I will be teaching this year, and it seems appropriate to share with you why Dragons have become so important right now. For me, shamanic journeying is a grand exploration into the great mysteries, and in my school, SpiritHealer School of Shamanism, we are like researchers, doing open ended explorations with no preset idea of what we will encounter. Lately Dragons have become front and center.

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