Tree Power

Matt treeMatt and I just got back from 10 days in Hawaii. It was magical and so empowering. We swam, snorkeled and hiked, and we went to Volcano National Park at night to see the red glow of lava with gushing fumes. Shamanically my strongest experience was with the giant trees. I had several big weights on my heart that day we went for a walk: Marcia's death, my father had just called to say he was sick with pneumonia, his girlfriend died night before, I had just spent time with a close friend who is working through heavy stuff, and of course, my own issues. I asked the Spirits for help, and they told me to exchange breath with a big old tree, Hawaiian style. So I pressed my nose up to an elder, looked him in the eyes and breathed - haaa!  I asked the old one to recycle the energy of loss and sadness. It was fast and easy. I saw the roots send the energy down, through the rocks, into the lava heart. Just like that - I was free and high as a kite! Wow! I staggered around that forest laughing! Thank you trees. Thank you Spirits.

Back home now, I am happy to report that dad made it through the storm, and has recovered from his illness. At 92 that is a feat. Here is to another day of sunshine. Aloha.

Where the two swords cross

5dfe6d7a7c0e74b7bf3f28ff9fd8776eWhen we are working with Spirits, they often initiate a big teaching by giving us a small but very important  key. The Spirits said to me yesterday that when I am doing hands on work, I need to find the place in the body where the two swords cross. The showed me two swords, crossed, and then showed me where they were in my clients body.  I put my hands there, and along the lines of the swords, and got a lot of good releases from her. But I wasn't sure what was under my hands, or why. I was only lightly journeying as i was doing the work, so I didn't try to get a bigger story from the spirits. I just accepted that this was the sweet spot, and for that session it was good enough.
The place where the two swords cross. Isn't that fascinating? First off this refers to the criss crossing of the anatomy trains, the connective tissue lines of energy and action that allow the ankle bone to be connected to the shin bone, the shin bone connected to the knee bone, etc. We also know that body balances diagonally, so a sore left shoulder makes for a sore right hip. That explains one of the swords. But what about the other? Is it a second restriction pattern? Or emotional? Historical? Intrusion? All of the above? The other thing to consider here is the location of the crossing. Is it in the thorax? The lumbar, or where? And why swords? It could be chop sticks or flag poles, but no, it is swords, and that matters too.
Something tells me that as I work with this, amazing wisdom will come forward. I am fascinated by the wavy surface between spirit and form. Maybe by journeying into the place where the two swords cross I will will learn an all new level of shamanism! I'll keep you informed!

Dragon eggs

IMG_0795Imagine, if you will, a surface made of shimmering light, shifting between a solid appearance of gold, silver or some magical texture, and a translucent curtain into the energetic substrate just on the other side. This is way dragon' eggs appear to me, a tangible mirage.
More and more when I am doing healing journeys with people and animals, dragons are part of the Spirit team doing the work. One of the things they often do is gift the client with an egg. While every egg is as unique as the client's needs, the one thing they seem to have in common is that they contain the pure potential of the client's healed perfection. The eggs tend to be formed from the dragon's stories of who the client is, who they were, and of what they can become. If the egg is transparent I sometimes see a dragon's form inside the egg. Other times it may look like a ball of brilliant white within. Or it may be different.
What do the dragons eggs look like for you?

Bumblebee Altar

imageAt Bumblebee this year we used a beautiful mirror for our altar. Jo bought it for me in florida, thank you so much Jo. The mirror is the shape of a turtle with blue with white mosaic tiles around and oval mirror in the center. It looks so much like my healing circle in the lower world. Grandmother Sunflower often set a mirrored surface in the center of the circle. The client is floating above the mirror, and then a fabulous blue and white shimmering light surrounds the client. That light transmutes the troubles in the clients energetic field. It emanates from (or maybe "is") the creative power of the universe. It is everywhere, and employed by the spirits to serve many healing functions. This beautiful mirror reflects that power that I see in my sacred circle. I just love it!

Healing Mirrors in our Hearts

UnknownWhen we give Shamanic Healing we get healed. Its like there is a magical mirror in our heart that radiates the energy in all directions, receiving, reflecting and healing. As shamanic healers, we consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell).  This is the heart of the mirror - let the light shine from Spirit into the mirror in your heart, let it reflect outward to the one you are helping, and inward to help you too. It's a beautiful thing! I posted this introduction on a Linked in profile today for a group that offers equine assisted therapy.

Hi, my name is Carla. I am a shamanic healer and instructor, a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Masterson Method equine body worker. My horses as healers practice is a little different that most: I teach people to heal horses, and the person giving the healing receives a mirrored energetic gift. The horse gifts the person, and the person and the horse partake in the healing energy flow. We consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell). 

Can you help my dog with Cancer?

I was asked today: "Our 12 yr.old dog and beloved family member has nasal cancer and no cure, wondering if you think you could help."



I wanted to share my reply:

I am so sorry to hear this news about your dog. Here is how I can help. I can connect with the Spirits who bring healing and support, and bridge the energy to them for you and your dog. They are not likely to cure the cancer. But they would help bring relief from the misery of it, and they would bring you direct guidance and support. I would make sure to connect you with your personal Spirit Guide or Power Animal, who will work directly with you in an ongoing way. Through your intuition, or sixth sense, or inner guidance, your personal Spirit(s) will help you make the best choices.

I would call in the Spirits of your dogs Spirit Tribe, and formally reconnect him to those Spirits. That way he knows where he is going and can look forward to reuniting with his other family. This will make your dog very happy, which makes leaving you easier for him, and makes it way easier for you, because you know where he is going. I always make sure to call in a Spiritual emissary, who will take personal responsibility for guiding the dog through the light. Sometimes this is the dogs angels. Sometimes it is a member of his tribe. Sometimes it is a loved one who has already passed. Sometimes it is another kind Spirit. I also make sure all your questions and concerns get addressed.

Shamanic healing can cure disease, but it is rare for an older animal to get a miracle cure. The Spirits are very good at helping relieve the suffering. They have a special way of making things feel better, goodness only knows how. I have seen many cases where a session helped put the disease on hold, often to the medical team's surprise! The Spirits I work with are very supportive of team work. They are impressed with the ingenuity of Western medicine and the cures we have crafted. Your team becomes empowered with the Spirits' Compassionate guidance and energetic support. Be it allopathic or alternative medicine, the Spirits will empower you and gently guide the team to make the very best choices.

Each session is unique, but my personal team of compassionate Spirits always brings in a range of healing power that is tailored to that case. Some of the compassionate Spirits on my team are specialists in alternative modalities. For example, Dr Lee is an acupuncturist, and he performs his medicine on the spiritual level in our session. I get to see the exact placement of the needles, and the moves he makes over the patient to get the energy flowing.

I hope this helps answer your questions. I am hear for you if you would like a session for your dog. We can do it over the phone, or if you are near North Phoenix, we can work live.

Thanks again for asking. This is a very difficult time for you, I know. I've been there! Hugs,