Body and Soul Healing

otho bionomy handsCranial Sacral and Ortho Bionomy are wonderful gifts, especially when I do a shamanic session on myself as the therapist is working their hands on magic. Since we had that roll over car wreck in October 2013 I have been feverishly working to become pain free and get my physical mojo back -  and it has really worked!  I wanted to share my little recipe.  My job in the session is to call in the Spirits, and ask my Spirit Allies to work side by side with the therapist and their helping Spirits. I basically am doing a shamanic session on myself while the therapist releasing the tissues.

I have been working with gifted hands on therapists, and if you live in Central Phoenix here is a short list of wonder workers: Rod Lyman - massage  and energy healing. Lesley Bludworth -  physical therapy.  Marsha Craven and Ali Gabriel -  Cranial Sacral, and most recently Jennifer Hallden - Ortho Bionomy.

I really love Ortho Bionomy. What Jen does is so similar to what I have found works on horses. It all just makes sense!

Reiki and shamanism

glyohcardbackAs a shamanic healer, I insist on working with a compassionate Spirit to guide me whenever I am doing any kind of healing work. This is true for all my journey work, of course, but it is also true for horse massage, hands on energy healing, and Reiki. And so you may be asking, if I am doing Reiki, and I am not connected to a known compassionate Spirit teacher or guide, is this ok? Of course it is! Reiki by definition is a power of love, and you are doing it with one sole purpose, to help where help is needed. Fabulous! And I will go out on a limb and postulate that most people have a compassionate Spirit supporting their work, even though they may not know who that Spirit is. This fall I will be offering a shamanic training series specifically for energy healers and body workers. The idea will be to help people become clearly connected to their teachers, and then to use that connection to enhance their healing work, and to support healing on a very deep level. It is pretty exciting, and I hope you can join the classes.

Energy healing language

mantra-johre2 Over time I have come to see the various energy healing systems as simply different languages describing a very similar phenomena. The language involves the steps we take, (first do this, then do that), the symbols we consider, and the words we use to describe the work. Many "modern" systems bypass the shamanic connection to knowable compassionate spirits, and instead connect to source, the universe or some other thing. This can be amazing and delightful!

However, there is a reason our ancestors practiced shamanism, and our ancestor's reasons are still important for us moderns. The compassionate Spirits add so much value, and they can keep you on track in all regards.  When I am doing Reiki, or any other energy healing practice (and yes, I am a Reiki master) I really don't clearly understand where the energy is going and how it is working. I have to trust, but who or what? I trust my compassionate Spirits, that's who!  Even though I don't understand the power in my hands, the Spirits do, and they have access to a whole lot more of it.  The compassionate spirits understand what is needed and can supercharge the healing, making it direct and appropriate for the work required. Its important to remember that. Shamanism steps it up, a lot.

Energy healing is real

elijahandthechairotoffire_emersonferrellI am not a physicist. Few are. I did study physics in college by reading the original writings of the great minds. I put my head around Einstein and other founders of quantum, and the early inquirers too, from Aristotle to Sir Isaac Newton. What I learned at St. John's College is that inquiry is sacred. When it comes to science, Phenomena trumps theory. Theory describes phenomena. Not the other way around.
Energy healing is real. We activate energy healing through our intention, sometimes adding in touch, sometimes adding in tools. We can activate this energy simply with touch, and it is especially strong when the touch is very light and is filled with the desire to connect and to help, (again, intention). The beauty of this phenomena is that a person doesn't have to understand anything about the physics, nor even believe in unseen energy, to be a master at intentional touch healing.  I studied Masterson Method horse massage which is all about energy healing through intentional touch, from a person who categorically refuses to introduce the concept of energy into the work. That's fine. The phenomena stands.
So whether we call it Reiki, healing touch, quantum touch, matrix energetics, or whatever, I believe we are using a power we all have, the energetic life force that naturally heals, especially when applied with loving intention. I don't understand the physics of it one little bit, no matter how many times I watch cosmos or stand at the feet of a quantum genius like Claude Poncelet. But I have gotten better at being a giver and receiver of the power.

Healing Mirrors in our Hearts

UnknownWhen we give Shamanic Healing we get healed. Its like there is a magical mirror in our heart that radiates the energy in all directions, receiving, reflecting and healing. As shamanic healers, we consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell).  This is the heart of the mirror - let the light shine from Spirit into the mirror in your heart, let it reflect outward to the one you are helping, and inward to help you too. It's a beautiful thing! I posted this introduction on a Linked in profile today for a group that offers equine assisted therapy.

Hi, my name is Carla. I am a shamanic healer and instructor, a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Masterson Method equine body worker. My horses as healers practice is a little different that most: I teach people to heal horses, and the person giving the healing receives a mirrored energetic gift. The horse gifts the person, and the person and the horse partake in the healing energy flow. We consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell). 

Reiki, Shamanism and horse massage

Reiki and horse massageYou know me as a shamanic healer, but I am also a Reiki Master and Masterson Method certified horse massage therapist. Naturally when I massage horses I combine the three. Yesterday I was helping a new client, a pretty 12 year old dressage mare named Cleo. She was extremely reactive in her head and neck, and shuddered under the lightest touch at the withers. The woman said she was very head shy, and she expected we would have to go slowly. Cleo's first reaction to my light hand resting on her upper neck was to pull up and back, even to rear. She was communicating " I can't help it! It hurts!". I replied with a promise that we would make that pain go away. She believed me. She said she would try. I used "air gap" - a move in Masterson Method where we hold our hand above the skin, transmitting our message to "relax" into the horse's nervous system. Without Reiki or Energy Healing, this works. With Reiki it works even better. I passed my hand over her bladder meridian, sending a very soft  Cho Ku Rei, and then lifted each leg, moving it in certain ways that encourage the body to release its tension. Then I did a deep infusion of Reiki into the small of her back. As the Reiki was moving through her, I asked my Power Animal to reach in and remove the intrusions, the stuck energy that was causing her the pain. As my Power Animal did this I saw where the intrusions were, and I began to understand how they got there. The core reason was that Cleo had learn that being in tension was what she was "supposed to do". When she assumed her dressage posture, she was safe. That posture has a lot of structural tension in it, and the result was that her head and neck HURT! Our darling Cleo believes this is how it is supposed to be. I ask her if she would that hard to relax. She said, "I'll try".

To heal this horse I had to restore her innocence. I did this through shamanism. I called in her Spirit tribe and asked them to bring her back her soul parts that had left during the hard times in her life. I specifically removed the embedded fear in her bones around an incident at a wash rack,where she pulled back and flipped over. I merged with my  Spirit Teacher and he touched her face, head and neck. She allowed it, and she relaxed.

1 hour into the session, Cleo had her head on my shoulder, deeply relaxed, her lips sagging, and her eyes half closed. We didn't have camera - but these picture show the idea. A horse has to be completely trusting and relaxed to do this. It is the same thing a baby horse does resting her head on the back of a friend or her mother.

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