Why all the child ghosts?

A friend asked me this question today:

Carla, I have one question; I am watching Crime & Investigation network for the programmes on ghosts. It educates me. But I can not understand why so many children spirits are seen. I was under the impression every child is waited for when they die. It is such an awful thought, children who are trapped. Do you know why that is?

Hi! This questions is so timely! The last house I cleared was a rental house for a management company. A child had died in a swimming pool, prior to the management company acquiring the house. The tenants requested the clearing because ghosts were rattling and chattering, and scaring them. I saw the child and the shady souls of the child’s mother, plus other adults. The mother was so heart broken and guilty that her soul split, and the lost part clung to the baby. In the clearing I crossed over the child and the other souls whose bodies were dead, and asked my power animal to return the soul parts of the living back to them, with healing power if they wished to integrate. This is just one case, but maybe children get stuck because they are so dependent on the parent that they strive to stay with the parent. The parent is so devastated that they have soul loss and the both should get stuck together? Then it all compounds as other lost wandering souls are attracted to the drama. Every case is different, but maybe this is an explanation.   ( I also expect that the TV show depicts more child cases because they are more emotional and get better ratings - it doesn't mean that mosts ghosts are kids)

UN Global Conference on Climate Change

Our own Natalia Vega-Berry created this video that was shown at the UN Global Conference on Climate Change this last Tuesday. She and i did journey work to support her and to help give the images the power to move change forward. It is very moving! We did this work following the teachings of Claude Poncelet, who has written a book called The Shaman Within: A Physicist's Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of Your Life, the Universe, and Everything. I recommend it. May we all support the movement to restore balance on our dear mother earth. Here is an article in Slate on the event as well...


Published on Sep 23, 2014

On 23 September 2014, 26 year old poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, from the Marshall Islands, addressed the Opening Ceremony of the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit. Kathy was selected from among over 500 civil society candidates in an open, global nomination process conducted by the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service.

Kathy performed a new poem entitled "Dear Matafele Peinem", written to her daughter. The poem received a standing ovation. Kathy is also a teacher, journalist and founder of the environmental NGO, Jo-jikum

Validation! Ron Sohlar finds records of his past life

2043316On Sept 5, 2014 I interviewed Ron Sohler about his new book, Returning to Pieg Sayers.The book follows my personal discovery of who I was in a past life, where I lived and how I died. Included are the details of information, validations and clues that lead me to reconnect with my mother of a previous lifetime. I journeyed across the ocean and visited her gravesite and where I once lived.

His story delights me because it validates his shamanic experiences to the tee! Ron put on his gumshoes and went to Ireland to find the records he had learned of from his Non Ordinary Reality experiences. His perspective is great! "I have no reason to doubt this information, repeated from multiple sources. And if it is true, then I can find the evidence." Go Ron Go!

Ron also reminds us that when we work with Spirit, it is a reciprocal affair. The Fairies he works with ask him to do healing on their land. Remember - we all should be asking the Spirits "How can I help you?"

Here is an MP3 of my interview with Ron. Enjoy!

Body and Soul Healing

otho bionomy handsCranial Sacral and Ortho Bionomy are wonderful gifts, especially when I do a shamanic session on myself as the therapist is working their hands on magic. Since we had that roll over car wreck in October 2013 I have been feverishly working to become pain free and get my physical mojo back -  and it has really worked!  I wanted to share my little recipe.  My job in the session is to call in the Spirits, and ask my Spirit Allies to work side by side with the therapist and their helping Spirits. I basically am doing a shamanic session on myself while the therapist releasing the tissues.

I have been working with gifted hands on therapists, and if you live in Central Phoenix here is a short list of wonder workers: Rod Lyman - massage  and energy healing. Lesley Bludworth -  physical therapy.  Marsha Craven and Ali Gabriel -  Cranial Sacral, and most recently Jennifer Hallden - Ortho Bionomy.

I really love Ortho Bionomy. What Jen does is so similar to what I have found works on horses. It all just makes sense!

Where the two swords cross

5dfe6d7a7c0e74b7bf3f28ff9fd8776eWhen we are working with Spirits, they often initiate a big teaching by giving us a small but very important  key. The Spirits said to me yesterday that when I am doing hands on work, I need to find the place in the body where the two swords cross. The showed me two swords, crossed, and then showed me where they were in my clients body.  I put my hands there, and along the lines of the swords, and got a lot of good releases from her. But I wasn't sure what was under my hands, or why. I was only lightly journeying as i was doing the work, so I didn't try to get a bigger story from the spirits. I just accepted that this was the sweet spot, and for that session it was good enough.
The place where the two swords cross. Isn't that fascinating? First off this refers to the criss crossing of the anatomy trains, the connective tissue lines of energy and action that allow the ankle bone to be connected to the shin bone, the shin bone connected to the knee bone, etc. We also know that body balances diagonally, so a sore left shoulder makes for a sore right hip. That explains one of the swords. But what about the other? Is it a second restriction pattern? Or emotional? Historical? Intrusion? All of the above? The other thing to consider here is the location of the crossing. Is it in the thorax? The lumbar, or where? And why swords? It could be chop sticks or flag poles, but no, it is swords, and that matters too.
Something tells me that as I work with this, amazing wisdom will come forward. I am fascinated by the wavy surface between spirit and form. Maybe by journeying into the place where the two swords cross I will will learn an all new level of shamanism! I'll keep you informed!

Nurturing a dragon egg

When we receive a dragon egg, we need to nurture that egg, and the dreams it contains. Sometimes this may simply mean that we feel the egg in our hearts (or where ever it is), and we acknowledge it on a regular basis. Part of the journey work for me is getting the client clear instructions on how to do that. Maybe we tend to it by keeping a journal, or by doing a simple ritual.  At some point that egg will hatch and that can be completely life changing. I myself am currently experiencing a new dragon that hatched prematurely for me last fall. I change as the dragon develops. We grow together, with brilliant soaring wings.  Tending a dragon egg, and then raising the young dragon, is a dedication to one's own purpose and development. It is a celebration of living.

Dragon eggs

IMG_0795Imagine, if you will, a surface made of shimmering light, shifting between a solid appearance of gold, silver or some magical texture, and a translucent curtain into the energetic substrate just on the other side. This is way dragon' eggs appear to me, a tangible mirage.
More and more when I am doing healing journeys with people and animals, dragons are part of the Spirit team doing the work. One of the things they often do is gift the client with an egg. While every egg is as unique as the client's needs, the one thing they seem to have in common is that they contain the pure potential of the client's healed perfection. The eggs tend to be formed from the dragon's stories of who the client is, who they were, and of what they can become. If the egg is transparent I sometimes see a dragon's form inside the egg. Other times it may look like a ball of brilliant white within. Or it may be different.
What do the dragons eggs look like for you?

Let the Spirits Lead

The first step in shamanic work is realizing that the Spirits are in charge, and that they will lead  you in your journey's, your intuitive work, and your life. It can be challenging. Spirits talk to us through our imaginations, Some people cant believe their ears. Or their eyes. Or their hearts. It takes courage to say "I believe you!" Some people have been trained as intuitives but do not have a formal relationship with the spirits that are supporting them. They may think of the source as "the universe", or something like that. In shamanic training, our first step is to get a clear understanding of the spirits behind the veil. The ancestors, power animals and compassionate beings who are empowering us directly. The spirits are real. They are tangible and identifiable. They flow from the one, as do we all, but when they connect to us in a shamanic way, we meet them face to face, breath to breath. And then we allow them to lead us on our path.

Manifesting your Spirit's Dream

imageShamanic work is a cooperative venture with you and Spirit. When you get a personal technique from your compassionate helping Spirits you are manifesting the Spirit's dream. Many of the ancestor Spirits who work with us hold old secret knowledge. The old ways were passed along through oral tradition, and kept vibrant through the living person's dialog with the Spirits, as they practiced the rituals and recipes for healing that are part of their cultural lore. But for many of us in the western world, there has been a break in our cultural shamanic traditions. Institutions and the modern paradigm discount the old knowledge, calling it primitive, backwards and even dangerous. The old knowledge has been driven underground, but it isn't gone. Journeying to your ancestors reconnects you to that wisdom. You can revitalize your cultural teachings, and bring them into the context of our modern world. Together we can raise the flag of our inborn wisdom, bringing it back into the world fresh and alive. As you study shamanism keep this important objective in mind. Shamanism is not about doing what a human instructor says, step by step, ritual by ritual. It is about you recovering and developing YOUR medicine. It is about your direct connection to your Spirit teachers, and working with them to breath life back into the wisdom of the ages.


Dragon Respect

imageWe have been working with dragons at Bumblebee now for 2 years, and the work is really different from working with the compassionate spirits of the upper and lower worlds. Dragons are middle world beings. They are powerful! They know who they are! Some resonate crystalline power, like the elements birthed from exploding stars and nurtured in cosmic nurseries. Some are raw like fire. Some are sweet like the shimmering surface of water. All of them should be respected. As I have been journeying to learn more about dragons I have been instructed to work first with a compassionate spirit who is my dragon teacher. This spirit is my instructor in all things dragon. He keeps me safe and guides my steps. Each journey gives me new lessons, new tools of the trade.

I highly recommend that you too work with a dragon teacher. Middle world power is tricky, and your dragon teacher will keep you on a safe track.

Simple intentional touch

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on the neck  - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. Do Not Think. Just imagine the healthy, vibrant, happy tissues. Today I did a session for a older dog named Maya who is dizzy and holds her head to the side. The vet said it may be vestibular disease, and Gail is hopeful for Maya's full recovery. She wanted to me find out from Maya and the Spirits if there were anything she could do to help Maya through this. The Spirits gave her a an idea for doing some very simple intentional touch, and I wanted to share it with you:

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on her cranial/cervical junction, on the neck in the crease below the occiput - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. They said to see the bones like they are (see the picture) and then to just envision the tissue however your imagination sees it. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are focusing on seeing all the tissues being healthy vibrant and happy.  Maya will instruct your intuition on where to put your fingers next. DO NOT THINK. Just imagine the healthy vibrant happy tissues. It is very likely you will find yourself moving along her TMJ. The spirits talked about how old dogs teeth don't do what they should, and the ligaments get all worn and tired. But no matter what is causing the head to tilt and her to feel dizzy - a tumor, arthritis, inner ear swelling, whatever, the spirits would not say -  this technique will make her feel tons better.

It is so gratifying to have the Spirits give such clear direction. Gayle will easily be able to do thi , and she and Maya will have sweet loving time together as she does. I look forward to hearing that it is working!

Being useful

A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power Animal has been there to help me. Now he is asking me to help him? What are your thoughts?" I don't really know how she can help the animals in her area, but I did have some thoughts about the our shamanic purpose: "The thing here that you are puzzled by most is that your Power Animal is now asking you for help, right? I think this means that you are now stepping up your engagement with Spirit. A shaman's role is to be the bridge for the Spirits, to bring healing and knowledge through from Spirit to the incarnate world. So at the most fundamental level, when you are journeying and are connected to wolf, you are helping. Your journeys to the animals in need is very interesting. It could be that your incarnate form is a necessary horse for the Spirit Wolf to ride, so that he is more useful in helping those animals. In that case your act of journeying itself is your contribution. But it could also be that you can take actions that are supportive too.

Really -  so much of our journey in this world is to figure out how to be useful, isn't it? Hugs to you, Carla

Knowing: Shamanic philosophical exploration

Dore world between the worlds
In the SpiritHealer School's #6 Class: Animal Crossing and the Afterlife, we have been exploring the world in between the upper and lower worlds,and the middle world. These realms are well known in our classical literature and art. Susanne shared this picture on Facebook today, because it really does speak to what we have seen in our journeys. Shamanism is about coming to KNOW what IS. Shamanism is the most profound philosophical exploration I can ever imagine. When I went to St Johns College to read all the Great Books, my whole purpose was to come to know. St Johns gave me the framework for a rigorous exploration. But it is Shamanism that is giving me the direct experience that I need to have some glimpse of the way it is. Yes, it is very very deep!

Gustave Doré, Oil on Canvas: "When we were down below in the dark well, beneath the giant's feet and lower yet, with my eyes still upon the steep embankment,I heard this said to me: 'Watch how you pass; walk so that you not trample with your soles the heads of your exhausted, wretched brothers.'

At this I turned and saw in front of me, beneath my feet, a lake that, frozen fast, had lost the look of water and seemed glass."




Yarnell Fire Journey


The Yarnell fire, which claimed 19 firefighter lives 2 days ago, is about 80 miles from where I live. Our whole community is reeling. The Healing Clinic on Monday July 1 was a small gathering of Qualified Healers, and we chose to do a healing journey for those affected by the fire. We set our intention to go to our sacred circles in non-ordinary reality, and ask our Spirit Allies to do whatever needs to be done to help all the suffering beings, be they human, domestic animals, or spirits of the natural world. Three of us individually and separately saw that Spirits have set up "soul shelters" for the suffering people and animals in non-ordinary reality. Mine looked like a huge soul refugee camp in my sacred circle, with wooden teepee like structures. There were white lines of light connecting each soul to its proper "owner", and those lines were protected by Centaurs. The other people saw things a little differently, but the gist was the same. ( I also saw Dragons working to create a fire line, and important Compassionate Beings working to restore balance to the 4 elements so that the fire is less destructive.) These Soul Shelters are places where their soul parts can be safe while the person animal goes through the drama. After the drama ends, then the soul will be safe for recovery, and the spirits have lined up helpers to bring those souls home.

We also each saw a sophisticated system in place to restore balance and bring healing. The compassionate spirits are responding with a collective knowhow that is ancient and true. Seeing this was a revelation to me.  It explains so much even though I still can't put what I learned into words. That all of us saw the same things is confirmation.  We set our intentions to ask for help, and we stood witness to the incredible support system that the Spirits already have in place.

I have posted recordings of our journey here. Part 1 states our intention. 7-1-13 healing clinic Part 1

Part 2 shares the report of our journeys. Part 1 is attached here.  I welcome you to listen to the intention and do a journey as well, and share your stories with us. To listen to Part 2 please go here:  Journey for Yarnell

CAT Dragons

dragon2Yesterday we had our first Dragon workshop in Florida, hosted by Jo Maldonado's CAT. The Dragons came through with so much clarity and power. Three themes wove through the work- remembering the dragon time, and us in that time - creating our future empowered by our personal dragon - dragon powered hands on healing

Some highlights - Some of us experienced the dragons in ways that evoked the fantasy images we find in media today. Some people got images that were more like upper world light shows. It was different for everyone, and I am beginning to see how middle world beings like dragons take forms that are combined from their core power and our collective idea of them.

Hands on healing with Dragons is a different experience for me from working with my other upper and lower world teachers. There is a craft to it, part magic, part skill, that is exciting and tangible. It feels like a gateway to a completely new dimension of work.

I feel as though a book has been opened, with some written parts, and lots of blank spaces for us to fill in. And here we go! We will create this manual for Dragon Shamanism together, bring these creators to life in our world for healing and love.

We are having two retreats this year focused on Dragons. Bumblebee in early April, and Lake Seed GA in July. I am going to be redeveloping the agendas now after this day in Florida. The Dragons have LIVING BREATH, and I must speak their words fresh now. It is such a joy. Such a gift, Such a delight.

Welcome home dear Dragons. May our partnership be heavenly.


Ancestor Spirit visits Mary

Mary recently shared this journey with me. She wasn't expecting this. She was just doing a journey, when she got a major visitation! Has this been happening to you too? The Ancestors are returning and we are all be blessed! Dear Carla,

I told you I would write about my journey from last night, I now have two journeys.

I went to my circle and started with gratitude and thanking all that assisted in the healing journey you did with Krissy. I then asked for wisdom, guidance and love. In came a semi-circle of men who looked very ancient, each was dressed differently but their faces seemed the same but they were not clear.  I asked where they were from and they said Council of Elders.  I heard Mongolia and wondered, is that near Siberia and had a feeling it was. They said they walked before us and were here to guide us.  They then went thru much advice for me in my daily life. It was very simple and practical.  This is the first time I met with them.

Tonight I was compelled to journey again.  I gathered my power animals around me and again went into gratitude for all the teachers, angels, guides, masters, etc who guide me and love me and care for me moment to moment.

I then asked for wisdom and guidance.  Wow, a big power came who was dressed in very rich, ancient clothing.  He had a ornate band of fabric around his forehead and on his head, can't really describe it.  He seemed to have the same ethnic look as the night before and there were other beings around him dressed more modestly.  He spoke to me and said they walked before us and were here to guide us as we have requested and it has been written. He then started to rise up and I was trying to follow him and suddenly he said, "I pour the blood of the universe into you, drink it and fill your body with it, it is the Holy Blood, feel your body get heavy as it fills you and fills every cell.  I did feel very heavy indeed.  I then saw what looked like small worms moving around inside me and he said, yes, they are like worms, they are eating all that needs to go.  I then felt lighter. He started to come back down and I noticed a ring of fire around the circle and then more rings continued from that, they were moving in opposite directions to each other.  He told me to follow him and the fire parted and we walked into a path between circles of fire.  It reminded me of the spiral.  As we got closer to the center I could see it looking like a black hole but with light. He felt my fear of falling in and said, no we won't fall in.  Then we walked away from it.

He had me stand over a flame and I felt as if I was open with no body and the flame came up to my heart.  He told me to let the flame light my heart.  He said it's not a burning flame, it's a soul flame. It really felt good. He gave me lessons on humanity and I saw a vision which reminded me of hell with throngs of people crushing each other trying to go up and get out.  He said that is what humanity has become, we have forgotten, we only want to care for ourselves and crush everyone else on the way.

He said they are here to guide us. He then put a purple robe with hood on me, had me go down to ground with head on ground.  It felt like he was brushing my head with feathers, something light, then down my back. I then went into something very deep and started to see different women's faces keep changing. I then came conscious again and he said again he was filling me with the universal blood and I felt heavy. He said humanity must learn to live in love of each other, to open our hearts. He told me to stand in the soul flame and ignite my heart.

WOW, it was so good, it felt wonderful.  The visual was my heart was the point of the triangle and there was no body attached below, it was wide open to the flame. He said the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. I'm not sure what he meant.

WOW, that was pretty intense.

Hugs, Mary

Orlando Hands on Healing was a WOW!


Jo Maldonado of CAT in Orlando recently hosted me for a very special weekend.

We began on Friday with a healing ceremony for the CARE foundation, a wild animal sanctuary. My plan was to have the circle do power animal retrievals for the residents, but when I did my “prejourney” I learned that an important resident cat wanted us to do things differently. He wanted to be the shaman, bringing through healing power to the land and to the woman who is in charge, Christin. When I arrived Friday I met him - Bolshoi the Tiger - CAREs longest standing big cat resident. Fabulous!

Our journeys combined my intention and his. Each person in the circle communicated with a resident animal, connected that animal to his or her spirit tribe, and then asked the animal and the tribe to bring healing through to the land and to Christin. She said it was incredibly beautiful, uplifting and healing. I was amazed because we were up against some tough conditions -  there was a TRACTOR PULL going full volume right next door. The drum drowned it out, and we did great work!

Orlando Spiral

The Hands on Healing workshop on Sat and Sunday was extra special. The location had art, water, nature and gentle spirits everywhere. We set up a triple spiral using Spanish moss and set shields in the centers to hold the power. The ancient spirits who make this all possible came in great force, including the Mongolians. Everyone has a story to tell - we had lots of powerful personal healing.

We learned to use our hands for healing, combining shamanic techniques with energy healing and light touch. It was an interwoven process of journey visioning, merging with our spirit teachers, and connecting it all to our partner using our hands. We learned to bring it through our drums and rattle for a bang-up powerful transfiguration. It was so much fun!

Making shields of the spirits has become an integral part of this process. First we journey to the spirits who have come to join us, and ask to see if someone wants guide our hands as we create them. Then we play! And when are done we journey into the shields to see what the source of their power really is. All of it is amazingly fun and creative. The shields bring the Spirits into form, and they are very sacred. My sacred working space in my home is a gallery of them now. So sweet, so juicy!

The Spirits who empower these workshops are ancient and strong. They may well be the "ancestors" that people are referring to lately, as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar etc, etc. I don't know, but I do know that I always get profound initiations when I participate in the ceremony, and that people get "miracle level" healings. I just have to keep doing it, keep hosting ceremony, keep dancing and keep working!  Next post I will share with you a journey that Mary Carter had recently. She did the Hands on Healing and Spiral work in Albany this summer, and she is now being visited by these Big Spirits and getting some Big Teachings!

Throughout the workshop we were blessed with a huge flock of crows and other black birds who sang songs to use through the weekend, and protected our space. And when we were done, they floated away. Farewell dear friends!

Jo’s husband, Henry made a video of parts of the workshop. I am looking forward to seeing is as soon as he is done editing. Meanwhile, here is a slide show of the pictures we took. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2087031&id=1075897078&l=24b124147f

Spiral Cycle Masterclasses

The Spiral Cycle consists of three distinct workshop-ceremonies. These workshops will be offered in a series of Masterclass Teleclasses starting Fall 2013. They are the Spirits' gift to you. There is no need to learn these ceremonies in a particular order. They can stand alone or be done together. When I do all three for a client I use the order below. But I often just use one or another as the Spirits prescribe. 1. Healing in the Spiral of Time addresses our deepest roots of pain and heals them in our past lives, our ancestors lives and our own living histories. 2. Creation's Womb: Walking the Spiral Labyrinth bring us powerful help from the Spirits who guard and protect all of life on earth. This ceremony brings in multiple layers of power, and has produced incredible healing for participants and their proxies. (This was called Sacred Animal Masks) 3. Spiral Ecosystems brings us into awareness of how we are energetically interwoven with ecosystems that support us, physical and social. It can fundamentally shift our way of understanding the world. In this ceremony we realign ourselves with the harmony of the universe.


Hawaii Workshop - Learn to Journey and Spirits of the Reef

Learn Shamanic Animal healing and Shamanic Journeying in Kona, Hawaii. And connect with the spirit of the reef through shamanic journeying and snorkeling. Have a blast! August 16-18, 2008.

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