A journey with the Spotted Eagle Rays

Today I returned to Bari's Reef, and this time I entered the water at 4:30. At 4:35 I was over the sand, and at 4:36 I was dancing with an Eagle Ray, then two. They were grazing together and they didn't mind me one bit. I spent 50 minutes swimming with the pair today. I got so close that I could see the smallest color patterns, even on their super thin tails. They were not put off in anyway, not in the least bit shy. I was close enough to touch them, but I didn't attempt it. It just seemed incorrect to try. I have petted shanks and sting rays before. They didn't seem to mind. I'll have to journey to the Rays and ask them how they would like it.

Yesterday I did several sessions before starting my diving day. One was for a dog in Holland, and Spotted Eagle Ray came as a healing spirit. There are times when I want something so much that I figure I must be creating it. I thought that I had succumb to ego and was forcing the journey, but the Ray assured me I was not. And then to prove the point, the spirits started my next journey by merging me with an ostrich embryo who was trying to hatch. It was so vivid and bizarre. I was struggling to peck the shell, and felt exhausted and wanted to give up. Then I felt a surge of power in my abdomen, and I gave it one more hard peck and POP! I saw sunlight. I felt air, and my mom was there in all her glory. My siblings were chirping and I had all of life before me. How glorious! Clearly I didn't create that - I didn't have the foggiest idea how it connected to the client, and no sense that it was important to me. But maybe it was. Maybe I am hatching a new way of working by connecting with these reef animals.

When I was done with my clients' journeys yesterday, I journeyed to the Eagle Rays to ask if there were anything I should be aware of when I was swimming with them. The Ray I was talking with said he preferred if I didn't chase him. He said that it reminded him just a bit of a shark, and sharks are bad (the predator), and that he also didn't want me to touch his tail. So I tried my best to stay along side. Once I got in front while the Ray was involved in digging, and that was a mistake. I must have startled him, as his eyes are all covered in sand when he is snouting through the bottom finding crabs. I apologized and we were fine.

I took my Reefmaster camera today, and it failed. It seemed to be taking pictures just fine, but not one recorded on the memory card. This is the third replacement camera Reefmaster has sent me in one year. As a side note, I do not recommend Reefmaster. Sniff! The pictures were so promising. I can't replace the camera here on Bonaire. You will just have to journey to the animals to see them for yourselves. I did find some good footage on line though. Check this video out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ohHgtyoiLY&NR=1