Healing a young girl's cancer

Brenda called together a circle of shamanic healers to seek a miracle healing for a young girl from cancer. ( Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June...) It worked! Thank you spirits and all who participated in the prayer and Healing Ceremony This is a HUGE Thank you to my Girlfriends who share the energy and spirit gift with me. There should be more included in this email, but I don't have their email addresses: Tara, Connie and Kyle. If I did wrong by including you in what you are about to read, I apologize. But when I need help from my friends, it's you guys I call upon!

I was having a conversation with my friend Jody a couple of weeks ago. I was struggling with my life and the needs of everyone else in my life that I love and was wondering how there could be enough to go around. She said to visualize all my good friends together. After this conversations with Jody, I found a good seat on a curb on the grounds where I work overlooking a beautiful ravine as the fall colors were coming in to full bloom. Jody said gather your friends together, so I began gathering my friends together. I began visualizing all of us in a circle . . . I wasn't quite sure what I was going to ask for once I got you all there, but since I'd been having trouble visualizing for months, I figured I had time to work on that . . . the challenge was getting you all there! Then I got you there, but couldn't connect us together. OK, so I got frustrated!

I talked to Jody again earlier this week and found out that the next day Makayla was going to be given the final prognosis of the tumor in her arm. For those who may be confused right now, Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June and I solicited you all to joing her Facebook Page to Pay it Forward for Makayla! So after talking to Jody, I re-charged all the stones in Makayla's prayer grid . . . and went to relax so I could begin concentrating on bringing all of us together. On this night, I knew Makayla needed the prayers and the energy, but I knew Billy did too, so I put him in the middle of the circle with Makayla . . . what could it hurt, right? I concentrated so hard my head hurt. I concentrated so hard with energy and all the Reiki Linda taught me . . . that the energy got so hot . . . so hot Scandal and Tucker had to leave the room! Everyone came together . . . the circle was formed . . . we all held hands and together we danced, we prayed, we gave Thanks and most importantly, we had hope! From myself clockwise . . . it was Me, Carla, Stacy (and Sam), Tara, Kylie, Mel, Fran, Kelly, Jody, Linda, and Connie. 11 Beautiful women held hands together. Billy and Makayla played and laughed in the middle. You all don't know each other, but you are connected to me. This circle of women danced and prayed. We Prayed for healing, prosperity, love and friendship.

I woke up the next morning so dang tired I could hardly think. Jody called me on my way home from work that next day. Makayala's tumor was pronounced 'Dead in the Body'! No surgery is necessary. There was no sign of cancer in her lymph nodes and the tumor that was in her arm no longer carried any life to it! That's what I needed to hear that day. That the power of prayer and good energy can still produce miracles!!

So, I had to share this with you because it's another frame of reference for the power of prayer, good energy, spirit and most importantly . . LOVE! I know that I would not be who I am today if it weren't for YOU! I chose YOU to be in this circle to help me with my struggles. We are just one small circle of friends, but obviously a pretty mighty one! So I just wanted to say thank you.

In Love and Light! Brenda