A Spiritual Intervention that helped my father

This year (2008) I am offering a new workshop using a spiral as the nexus for entering very strong power. The workshop is called Sacred Animal Masks, and you can read all about it by clicking on its page on the right. It is the next generation of the workshop I did last year called Healing in the Spiral of Time. Monday I was rehearsing it with my workshop partner, Sue DeLamater, and one of my advanced students, Lois. We are doing the workshop at Sue’s place of employ, Free Arts AZ. http://www.freeartsaz.org/ We had just linked the spiral to many other sacred places on earth, and had called in the 4 directions in this valley and their power. We were located at Central and C-Back, the center of the valley. Perfect! We walked the spiral and build a cairn in the middle with stones connected to the other power spots. Then we took a tea break and the phone rang. It was my father gasping. No blood pressure. Voice so weak all he could say was “I’m really sick”. He is a heart patient. I went into the circle and asked that power to go to him and sit on him. I saw the brilliant white center of the spiral go over him. Took 3-5 seconds. Then I called 911 and that took 3 minutes. Then I called him back to say the ambulance was on the way, and he said, “Oh I feel much better now! The neighbors will be concerned about the emergency trucks.” (as if to say, “do I really need them?”.) He told me later that he felt a wave come over him, and all of a sudden he felt almost well again!

The ambulance did come, and he went into the hospital for many tests. They found nothing significant wrong with him.

The spiral is so incredibly powerful once the power has been called in in a sacred way. Thank you spirits!