Albany NY Spiral Retreat

The Spiral's Lights at Night

Count the Orbs at the Bumble Bee Retreat!

The Albany Spiral Retreat was fantastic. We set up a triple spiral on Ginny’s wonderful lawn and welcomed layers of Spirits. The first day we made shields Spirits who were there for us,emblems that that projected their Power. Then we journey to the source of those shields and received deep personal healing. That night we danced the Spirits in the Spiral, as the healing went deep into our bones.

Saturday we did Spiral in Time. Working on behalf of each other we reached back into our ancestry to find the stories of the unhealed wounds that were passed on to us in our bones. We healed the stories for each other and completed the Transfiguration in the spiral. What a spectacular day! Sunday we learned a powerful form of shamanic hands-on healing and compared it to more typical energetic healing touch. What a difference the Spirits make! I am teaching this technique in my weekend Shamanic Hands-On Healing workshops in Chicago and Orlando this fall.

My live workshops emphasize shamanic techniques that compliment what we learn teleclasses. Working live we can completely experience our bodies as the physical bridge for the Spirit’s healing power.

You might consider this to be quite advanced, but interestingly, each of the last two Spiral Retreats had one or two people with little shamanic journeying experience. They had delightful experiences and did phenomenal healing work.

I trust the Spirits to bring the right people to these workshops, and I trust the Spirits to support us so that each person gets exactly what they need and everyone has a great time. So if you are wondering if you are qualified for these workshops, you probably are. It's best if you learn to journey first, but that is easy to do through ASN or CAT.