Aloha Honu, Grandmother Turtle!

We are the children of Honu (Hawaiian for Turtle). We are the fruit of her creation. Honu remakes us as she travels the globe. globe. We are reborn with each egg that hatches. We are rescued with each turtle saved from a net. Honu has taught me that each action we take, each attitude we hold, in fact every part of our being is connected to the rest of the planet and all of life. We know this intellectually and journey work brings us direct connection to it. But I have never had the body slamming, mind expanding, viscerally complete understanding of it until Honu entered my being and made her home in my soul. This summer I traveled to Hawaii and I opened my heart to her and to all the loving ancient spirits who guide us gently from the land of Aloha. I came back a different person. Read more here: The story of working with Honu. Honu_1