Ancestor Spirit visits Mary

Mary recently shared this journey with me. She wasn't expecting this. She was just doing a journey, when she got a major visitation! Has this been happening to you too? The Ancestors are returning and we are all be blessed! Dear Carla,

I told you I would write about my journey from last night, I now have two journeys.

I went to my circle and started with gratitude and thanking all that assisted in the healing journey you did with Krissy. I then asked for wisdom, guidance and love. In came a semi-circle of men who looked very ancient, each was dressed differently but their faces seemed the same but they were not clear.  I asked where they were from and they said Council of Elders.  I heard Mongolia and wondered, is that near Siberia and had a feeling it was. They said they walked before us and were here to guide us.  They then went thru much advice for me in my daily life. It was very simple and practical.  This is the first time I met with them.

Tonight I was compelled to journey again.  I gathered my power animals around me and again went into gratitude for all the teachers, angels, guides, masters, etc who guide me and love me and care for me moment to moment.

I then asked for wisdom and guidance.  Wow, a big power came who was dressed in very rich, ancient clothing.  He had a ornate band of fabric around his forehead and on his head, can't really describe it.  He seemed to have the same ethnic look as the night before and there were other beings around him dressed more modestly.  He spoke to me and said they walked before us and were here to guide us as we have requested and it has been written. He then started to rise up and I was trying to follow him and suddenly he said, "I pour the blood of the universe into you, drink it and fill your body with it, it is the Holy Blood, feel your body get heavy as it fills you and fills every cell.  I did feel very heavy indeed.  I then saw what looked like small worms moving around inside me and he said, yes, they are like worms, they are eating all that needs to go.  I then felt lighter. He started to come back down and I noticed a ring of fire around the circle and then more rings continued from that, they were moving in opposite directions to each other.  He told me to follow him and the fire parted and we walked into a path between circles of fire.  It reminded me of the spiral.  As we got closer to the center I could see it looking like a black hole but with light. He felt my fear of falling in and said, no we won't fall in.  Then we walked away from it.

He had me stand over a flame and I felt as if I was open with no body and the flame came up to my heart.  He told me to let the flame light my heart.  He said it's not a burning flame, it's a soul flame. It really felt good. He gave me lessons on humanity and I saw a vision which reminded me of hell with throngs of people crushing each other trying to go up and get out.  He said that is what humanity has become, we have forgotten, we only want to care for ourselves and crush everyone else on the way.

He said they are here to guide us. He then put a purple robe with hood on me, had me go down to ground with head on ground.  It felt like he was brushing my head with feathers, something light, then down my back. I then went into something very deep and started to see different women's faces keep changing. I then came conscious again and he said again he was filling me with the universal blood and I felt heavy. He said humanity must learn to live in love of each other, to open our hearts. He told me to stand in the soul flame and ignite my heart.

WOW, it was so good, it felt wonderful.  The visual was my heart was the point of the triangle and there was no body attached below, it was wide open to the flame. He said the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. I'm not sure what he meant.

WOW, that was pretty intense.

Hugs, Mary