Angel- the Cat with Mammory Tumors

Healing for Angel, 7/23/12
Qualified Healer: Kelly Byrnes
The intention of the journey was to bring healing to Angel,  Meg's 13 year old cat who has tumors in her mammary glands and infection in her right ear.
We went to the Upper World where Angel’s Spirit Guides and my Spirit Guides and Power Animals gathered around Angel in the Sacred Healing Circle. The animals that came were Ape, Rhinoceros, Alligator, Frog and tadpole, and elephants. Angel wanted Meg to know that she’s taking the right steps and to trust her instincts. A male energy came and wanted healing too. It was the male of the household. One of my guides put Angel on a Lillie pad, Ruda my teacher went to the bottom of the pond and gathered the soot from the bottom and put in on Angel’s mammary area. This was for healing. Ruda also removed intrusions from this area. Frog came for healing as well. Ruda took a funnel and held it to Angel’s ear and whispered words of love, telling her she has the power to heal herself. Ruda then filled the funnel with a type of putty which went down clockwise, and “stuff” came up and Ruda collected this and put it in a red bag with a crown on it and put it in the center of the circle. Ruda took more slime from the bottom of the pond with tadpoles in it, Angel ate the tadpole. Tadpole will stay with Angel for continuous healing, and for Angel’s humans as well. White Butterfly came for transformative healing in Angel’s heart, and said it would help her humans transform as well. The Circle came to a close, and Meg was told that she is a healer too, with Star power of her own. The guides also gifted her with a pearl necklace.
Since the healing, Meg says that she has noticed small improvements in Angel, that she doesn’t hiss as much and her ear looks better with not as much black stuff or "gunk" in it. Meg took Angel to a holistic vet, it was Angel’s first visit with this vet, so there was no “before” to compare to. The vet said Angel has systemic inflammation from her mammary tumors and ear polyps and infection and that she has kidney disease. To Meg, the tumors seem to be the same size, but she will continue to monitor them. But overall, Meg things Angel looks healthier and is a lot more affectionate than before.