Atlanta Area Retreat

Friday July 27, 2012 - Sunday July 29, 2012

150 Rosebud

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Sacred Masks - Sacred Spiral 3 Day Retreat
Atlanta Area  - July 27-29, 2012

Embody the power and wisdom of your helping Spirit, and communicate directly with the Circles Spirits as well. Experience the brilliant power of creation. We begin by making ceremonial mask of our helpers to honor them and to prepare. As we enter the spiral our pain unwinds. In the center we experience being reborn in the womb of all creation. We emerge in our true power, remade, healed and fully alive.

Heal Yourself and Others
Connect to the loving wisdom and healing power of all the Masks
These sacred Masks bridge the worlds. The spirits use them to enter our world. We can connect to each Mask Spirit and receive direct healing and wisdom (Which is totally amazing, by the way!) Wearing it we enter their tribe, and our lives become brilliant. Your mask will be a treasure, and will help you work with your Power Animal for years to come.
To see a description of our location, click on this old real estate listing (NOT current - no this fabulous place is not for sale!)
Just like the Islands - The Retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE!
Just $495 gets you three days of fantastic workshop, fabulous food, comfortable accommodations, supplies for making your mask and the best company you can keep!   Pay now! $100 reserves your spot. Or save $50 by in full before 6/30.

Refund policy - $100 deposit is non-refundable. If you pay in full, you can receive a 50% return of your total payment if you cancel by midnight July 10, 2012.