Being useful

A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power Animal has been there to help me. Now he is asking me to help him? What are your thoughts?" I don't really know how she can help the animals in her area, but I did have some thoughts about the our shamanic purpose: "The thing here that you are puzzled by most is that your Power Animal is now asking you for help, right? I think this means that you are now stepping up your engagement with Spirit. A shaman's role is to be the bridge for the Spirits, to bring healing and knowledge through from Spirit to the incarnate world. So at the most fundamental level, when you are journeying and are connected to wolf, you are helping. Your journeys to the animals in need is very interesting. It could be that your incarnate form is a necessary horse for the Spirit Wolf to ride, so that he is more useful in helping those animals. In that case your act of journeying itself is your contribution. But it could also be that you can take actions that are supportive too.

Really -  so much of our journey in this world is to figure out how to be useful, isn't it? Hugs to you, Carla