Blue Spirit of Creation

I've been working with this Spirit since I met him at the Albany Workshop. He was brought in by a man who had very little experience journeying - no matter, he has connections!  We began the weekend by meeting new Spirits who would be our guides and teachers for the weekend. We made shields to honoring them, and to be portals their power.  We set the shields on the perimeter of the spiral. Through the weekend we met the spirits and danced with them. I love the dance - allowing each compassionate being to merge and move with me. I journey with them while I am dancing. In Albany this Blue Spirit really grabbed me, and we danced for a long time. Since then I have been connecting with this Spirit to bring healing power in for clients, and he is bringing in big juice! It is fresh power that is formless and big, with a sense of calmness and beauty that radiates love. This, my dears, blows me away!!

Some of you have seen the swirling soft blue and white light that comes in when we ask the Spirits to impart healing power. This image comes up a lot in our circles. This Spirit it feels like the source of the power, like a force of creation itself. The Spirit imparts healing with blue light, often with white swirls.

I have found this Spirit in a lot of places. Ask your Power Animal or Teacher to introduce you. I most recently met this spirit on the other side of the Crystal Cat Palace in the upper world. I have always wondered what what on the other side of that portal place, but I never went to look! The power there is incredible.

Really - you must come do this powerful work with us live! We will be making shields in Chicago on Friday (that day is free!) and then working with them all weekend as we learn hands on healing techniques. We have 3 more slots left. Sign up today!