Body and Soul Healing

otho bionomy handsCranial Sacral and Ortho Bionomy are wonderful gifts, especially when I do a shamanic session on myself as the therapist is working their hands on magic. Since we had that roll over car wreck in October 2013 I have been feverishly working to become pain free and get my physical mojo back -  and it has really worked!  I wanted to share my little recipe.  My job in the session is to call in the Spirits, and ask my Spirit Allies to work side by side with the therapist and their helping Spirits. I basically am doing a shamanic session on myself while the therapist releasing the tissues.

I have been working with gifted hands on therapists, and if you live in Central Phoenix here is a short list of wonder workers: Rod Lyman - massage  and energy healing. Lesley Bludworth -  physical therapy.  Marsha Craven and Ali Gabriel -  Cranial Sacral, and most recently Jennifer Hallden - Ortho Bionomy.

I really love Ortho Bionomy. What Jen does is so similar to what I have found works on horses. It all just makes sense!