Chip the Chihuahua with Breathing Trouble

Animal: Chip-8 year old chihuahua

Healing Clinic Date: August 29, 2011

Qualified Healer: Cheryl Kwallek

Contact: email-

Request/Concern:  Chip’s owner was concerned about congestion and breathing problems.

Shamanic Healing:  My teacher and other spirits performed an extraction around the chest and throat area. Small, black, buggy objects appeared during the extraction and were thrown in the nearby river. I was told to blow in his ears, which I did. The same objects appeared from his ears which were thrown in the river.  I got the impression there was some sort of dark energy involved with Chip’s problem. My teacher and I then left Chip at the fire with the other spirits and went to a cave in search of a gift for Chip. We found lavender which is supposed to be used in his bed. I was also told his power animal is crow, his owner’s power animal is horse. We then went on a spirit canoe with Chip. On the way back Chip was told that the purpose of this trip was to help him find his courage. The wind was at his back,  which made sense since they had gone through Hurricane Irene a couple days earlier. We got back to the council fire and the group of spirits took turns holding Chip, passing him around the circle. When the last spirit held him, they all raised their hands, holding Chip up to the sun. They then put him on the ground and stroked his body with their hands, as if they were pushing something out of his body. I heard big dog, little dog,” throughout the journey,  and was told that Chip needs to sing.

Thank you so much for your work with Chip.  It was very interesting and it did sound like you made a good 'connection' with him.  While I haven't noticed a significant difference in what I'm calling 'congestion' (basing it on my being able to HEAR him breathing) I have been monitoring his lung function via Kinesiology (muscle testing) and that DID improve quite a bit after your session.  (From 67% prior, to 92% now  :-) .)   While I have been able to get it in the 90+% range repeatedly,  I can't get it to 'stick'.    The 'dark energy' could well be the cause.  I thought I had addressed it by 'setting the intent' that I make my 'proxy connections' with clients outside of my home and furthered by asking Archangel Michael to further guard against client energy entering the property.  (I think I mentioned during the session that an AC had previously told me Chip was bothered by client energy, which is why I set the above intent.)  Perhaps another session from the AC is in order to see if that is where it was coming from or if maybe my 'intent' isn't working and I need to do something else.

I don't think he found his courage,  as I was building some jumps yesterday and the pounding made him nervous  :-( , but he has been eating really well since you worked with him.  He did some singing when I came home from the store yesterday and I thought of you.  : )

I did make note of the Lavender pillow, and should be able to track that down by the end of the week.