Connected Riding

Jark, Lyra and I are spending 4 days with Peggy Cummings. She is the founder of Connected Riding and is revolutionary in her understanding of body posture and holding patterns in horses and people. We are learning how the way we hold ourselves is reflected by our horses. Their stiffness is ours, and visa versa. We are also learning about the importance of the reciprocal flow of energy through the body, and how the most commonly taught horse handling techniques and riding postures set the horse up for stiffness. The first thing we had to do was release our own holding patterns, and  that really brought up some old emotional stuff! So I journeyed that night and ask the spirits to extract and transmute the junk that was resisting the release. I was wondering if they would do something with the spiral, or perhaps a dismemberment. They did something much more simple! They took me  back to one of my very first landing places in the lower world, a bubbling hot spring. The first year I was learning shamanism I would get up tight about not being able to do the work, or not getting it right (sound familiar?) The spirits told me to go sit in the tub and talk with the animals there. This time is was extra welcoming, and it washed out the tension and filled me with bubbly love. Yummy! I am traveling with an amazing woman, Jaclyn Strahan, who is a master body worker for horses. She has a healing practice in southern Michigan, and is establishing a second base in Arizona. She too had red arrows pointing to deep pools of unresolved emotions as she did the posture exercises. So she journeyed to a golden waterfall and simply sat there for 10 minutes getting cleansing and power. It helped her a lot.

This is a pretty simple thing to do and takes almost no shamanic training. You can do it for yourself easily. Just journey and ask your power animals to take you to a sacred place in nature. Ask the spirits of that place to release your stress and pain and fill you with renewal. Just be there and let the spirits do the work.

I highly recommend Peggy. I rode with her in clinics pretty regularly in Oregon, but I haven't seen her in 8 years. I won't let that time elapse again! Jark was happy to see her too (she helped me start him) , and Lyra Love has a new way of walking now.

Jacy and I will be building a community in Arizona of horse people who are seeking new ways to connect with horses. I will be teaching shamanic work, Jacy body work, and Barbara Owens (a TTEAM and Connected Riding Instructor) will come in regularly to teach Connected Riding and Groundwork. Peggy will come periodically too once we have a base of people established.

We are very excited, and we hope you will join us!