Amiee's baby Fiord, Cynric, was born with a crooked leg. The right leg bent outward at the knee. She asked her vets for options and as told she had three choices: do conventional surgery, a new experiemental surgery or just wait it out and hope for the best. If she chose to do surgery it would need to be done right away if it were to be successful. Amiee was pretty sure she wanted to the the surgery because she didn't want an unsound, unridable horse. But she didn't know which one to do.

She wanted the spirits to help her make the best choice. I used the ABC method, where I present the options to the spirits simply as letters, and I ask them to tell me a story about the outcome of each. It is a little like asking the spirits looking behind doors number 1, 2 and 3 and see what is behind each. They gave wonderful metaphors, with the outcome being that surgery was definitely the right thing to do, and the conventional was the way to go. But they also said "lets just see if we can fix it!" and they did a great deal of healing work. When they were finished, the reiterated that she should still have surgery.

One week after the session Aimee sent me a new picture. It was astounding! The leg was very nearly straight. After another week Amiee had the vet out. The vet was very pleased and though that Cynric would need the surgery afterall because the slight degree of crookedness wouldn't make him unsound. But Aimiee decided to go ahead with it anyway.

It turned out that the surgery was critical! The tendon was in danger of being severely damaged. So even though the spirits made the leg straight, the vet was necessary to make the fix permanent. Team work is the best!

Later I did a session for a another client, Vonnie's, little mustang who also was born with a crooked leg. Same issue. I did the same healing, except that in this case the option for surgery wasn't on the table. The spirits needed to make it right! Here is Vonnie's email a few days after I did the session:

Hi Carla, You wrote and said that I may also consult a vet, well, photos speak louder than words.  I don't believe a vet is needed.

I have done some research into these kinds of things.  In the mustangs, they will, over time as in 2-3 years, straighten out a little but in Mac's case, it was too far out of alignment for the leg to straighten without intervention.  His leg would not have straightened on its own in such a short period of time.

Thank you ever so much.  This has finally made a believer out of my husband as well so that was just an added bonus.  Take care, Vonni