Dragons. Cosmic Serpents with Immense Power


Dragons. Cosmic Serpents and Human Partnership

They capture the essence of our human limits. In lore, dragon masters are wizards with shamanic power. People who can command Dragons have an awesome responsibility.  Dragons can can breath fire and destroy, or they can protect us from the worst the world can offer.  Dragons shimmer with the light of compassionate clarity, and at the same time, their wing casts a foreboding shadow. I have learned that this shadow is like our own, it is not our enemy, rather it is the creative nucleus of our potential, ready to be born into powerful beauty. The shadow of the dragon's wing tells us what is possible - and it is up to us to work with Dragon to manifest beauty and light out of the raw potential.

In SpiritHealer School's dragon workshops we are beginning to learn about these divine creatures. We learned in our December 2012 ceremony that they hey are the cosmic ancestors who came to earth when the earth was created. They are snakes with wings, crossing the boundaries of the earth and the stars. It is dragon who became the serpent of the serpent mound. When Naga rises she takes on dragons wings. When we work with Dragon we have the power to heal ourselves, our friends, and the entire world. I really mean it! Dragons are so important. Naga poster

We have now had 2 Dragon workshops - a one day in Florida, and our 3 day dragon retreat in Bumble Bee AZ in April.  We worked with dragon in may different ways. We remembered being dragon masters, back in the day. We flew with dragon across the earth and through the cosmos. We asked dragon to help us birth our dreams, and the dragons gifted us with eggs, which will hatch into little dragons, dedicated to helping us manifest our visions. It was an incredible experience that is hard to fathom, so full, so strong. So incredibly loving. I wanted to share some of the highlights of these workshops.

I wrote to our group after the Bumble Bee Retreat: We had a most expansive and healing weekend thanks to your brilliance and spirit. I learned so much, and I feel very different, all the way through my core. Such a blessing you are in my life.  I went through a gateway this weekend - into the incredible power of the dragon, the middle world and the truth of our lives. It seems to me that I have been given the beginners guide to the philosophers stone, and that I now have stepped into my next stage of shamanic development. I wonder how long I will be mucking the dragon's stable :-)  There are so many take aways for me. Dancing Naga and Dragon every day. Remembering the time I was in the golden triangle - not as a dragon master, but as something else important - to strive to be that again today. Nurturing my egg, and then feeding the hatchling with right thinking and brave intention to overcome the habitual obstacles in my path. That website WILL be born now, and I will find my web voice now. [now a month later I have hired the designer and coders, and the new logo is done! I amon the way!]This work with dragons and the mixtures of truth in the middle world are for me a new level of understanding the brilliance of creation. All my life I will never forget Cathy in the center of our merged circle, and the feeling of having Our Lady of Guadalupe behind me, as though she and Cathy were mirrors, with their pure white light flowing through me both directions. That brought big happy tears! There were so many highlights -  Mary Helen bravely drumming and leading our big work. Incredible teachings flowing from every voice in the room - that dragons are neutral, that the sum in the alliance is greater than the sum of the parts, that naga nurtures, the shadow of the dragons wing, Naga and DNA, the brilliant light of creation. So many many things. THANK YOU!

9eaf4d448f4f24e014fb4fd43d115bc4Cathy: I love this great dragon power. Strong; So easy to maneuver, fly. Fire to burn away things that no longer serve us. Love the gentle breath, steam, mist that then seals everything with love.

Sue: My dragon is having me do a wave collapse--basically I'm collapsing all the possibilities into a single reality--that happens to be my dragon's presence.  I thought that was cool.  She's shown me how to put upper world and lower world NOR into the middle world and then merge it with the OR middle world so there is a single "reality" I'm working in. In just a thought.

Linda: I went through the portal into a very large cave near an ocean.  There were a group of toads, maybe 4 or 5 lined up before me.  As they were introduced, each one became a human.  There were men and women.  These were my clan members.  We were all dressed the same in black leather thigh high boots, long leather gloves that came up to my armpits and a black leather mask.  I think the rest of the outfit was red.  We were dragon pilots.  I also had a whip.  I was told that the dragons had much power and that you had to know how to fly and have a mission.  My dragon "pulled up" for me to meet him.  He was winged with a long neck, long claws, beak, dark blue with some shimmer.  He made a screeching racket. I was to take care of him by  flying him on missions.  He lived up in the swirling mists. I had the distinct feeling that this was BIG energy and not to be fooled around with.  Dragon dancing was wonderful. Thank you for this experience.  Hope all is good, Linda

As a shamanic practitioner I work with dragons in many ways, but my most common way is to transmute and heal "impossible" problems. The dragon becomes a refracting crystal with a gazillion lenses. The dragon wraps around the client and fractals of rainbows ignite outward as the pain and suffering is transformed back into source. Very pretty!  I am trying to make a picture of what I see using a fractal program - more to come.

If you want to work with us to learn about Dragons, we have live workshops, and an teleclass coming soon.