Dragons in the Sky

Dragons in the Sky

This weekend I am teaching a Dragon Workshops for CAT in DeLand, Florida. This is the first of several I will be teaching this year, and it seems appropriate to share with you why Dragons have become so important right now. For me, shamanic journeying is a grand exploration into the great mysteries, and in my school, SpiritHealer School of Shamanism, we are like researchers, doing open ended explorations with no preset idea of what we will encounter. Lately Dragons have become front and center.

On December 12, 2012, SpiritHealer school had a ceremony to welcome the ancestor spirits. It was an auspicious time with lots of portents: the end of the Mayan calendar, the return of the ancestors, the great shift, the ascension. Our school is international, with classes and ceremonies held over the phone. We each prepared sacred space in our homes, and I led the phone call, with each of us working in our ceremonial spirals. Our intention was to meet and welcome the compassionate beings who were returning, whomever they may be. As I began the ceremony I saw a squadron of dragons and I greeted them out loud. That must have been their cue. They were the stars of the show.

For our Ceremony we lit fires, danced in a spiral, offered sweets and treats to the spirits and prayed for blessings and healing for all of earth. At the end we each settled into comfy chairs and journeyed to the ancestors who had come in from the sky to teach us and bless us. When we were done we shared our stories. Many of the journeys seemed to be describing creation, and dragon visited nearly everyone.

Here are three transcriptions of those journeys:

Cheryl had a teaching about how to hold dragon power, and how to work with dragon in her life as a healer and shaman. Cheryl: I was met by this huge dragon and we flew around for a while. Then he informed me that I'd been inducted to the Order of Dragons. I asked him what this meant and he said that I'm going to learn how to use magic and alchemy to manage the energy around me, and everywhere else. I am to journey at least five minutes a day to learn these lessons. And he said that I am a shaman. I've always been a shaman, and always will be a shaman. Mainly the lessons that need to be learned are in managing the energy. Kind of interesting, one of the last things I put in my circle [before we began the ceremony] was a dragon. He told me his name was Naven. ......  This is the biggest one I've seen. He's huge. And I could feel everyone's [dragons] around me too, I couldn’t see them, but he [Naven] was the only one that made himself visible and I asked him "Since I'm the only human here, are there other creatures too?" And he said, "Yes, but I haven't met them yet. But they'll be making themselves visible down the road here."

Cheryl noted many synchronicities between her journey and events in ordinary reality. One of the last items she had placed in her spiral had been a dragon and earlier that day she had left the TV playing music to get some candles and when she had returned, the song that was playing was "Shaman Dance". Lately people had been coming to Cheryl asking for healing and teaching and Cheryl felt this journey had been an affirmation of her path.

Hailey had a fantastic shamanic creation experience, with dragon supporting the show. Hailey: First I was shape shifting, and I had to reel myself back in so I didn’t stay shape shifted as a power animal because I have that problem. I turned into a python, a crocodile and then released into the universe as multiple DNA and became the infinity symbol. And then a repeat of a dream that I had a couple of months ago went very quickly by. The dream was that I became part of the comet to make serpent mound [the ancient site in Ohio]. A dragon also came and surrounded me to try to bring me home when you were drumming to bring us back. And then a fairy light was coursing in and out of me in an infinity symbol as I was in the circle. And the other thing was a queen bee was trying to talk to me but I didn’t talk to her.

Lily: Lily experienced a creation story, introduced by dragon, but brought into form by a thunderbird. Well I'm right in the theme because first I met two beings, the first was this sky serpent. It was a huge serpent that started going up into the sky and I thought "oh, it's like Quetzalcoatl", and then all of a sudden I saw it had wings and I said "Oh! It’s a dragon." I saw that and then I had thunderbird totem. The sky serpent actually bit me right above the heart and then the thunderbird totem was supporting me from behind until I merged with it an became a thunderbird myself. That was actually in the opening of the ceremony. During the healing [part of the ceremony] the thunderbird split in half and became a grandmother and a grandfather and they put me between them and had us all hold hands in a circle, and then they showed me this huge bowl of water and they showed me sky blue. I began to throw my arms back - the way you come in to salute the sun, you're bending backwards - and there was a mountain below the water that was covered with green slime and then there was a mountain on the other side above the water with snow on it. And what I would do is fly through the air with my arms backward up toward the sky, and do this spiraling, spiraling, dip into the water then up into the sky. By doing that I was helping to purify the oceans and air and mountains and so forth. While I was doing that red poppies started appearing in the air, and parrots, and then faces of seals, sea otters and abalone started appearing, and a cougar appeared. Corn started being born and said, "I'm corn. I'm being born". Then on the other side there were potatoes. At the very end a raven was looking into my eyes and telling me that I had to tell the story and it was flapping its wings as it stared into my eyes…….I'm interested to find out about thunderbird because I don’t really know anything about thunderbird but it was very clear that this totem was thunderbird.

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