Duncan shares his body with Nuggy

duncan When little Nuggy died his spirit moved into Duncan, creating all sorts of trouble! Duncan was a sweet old Rottweiler who was gentle as a lamb. He never snarled, growled or even complained. But when his best friend Nuggy died, Duncan changed dramatically overnight! Nuggy was Duncan’s opposite. He was small, a little feisty and always opinionated. And he had the peculiar habit of  refusing to let people leave the house. They could come in, but the couldn’t go out with out somehow getting past Nuggy’s snarling and snapping.

Nuggy died suddenly on 9/11 at the same moment that the second plane went into the towers. His mom, Shirley, was beside herself! She had to know how this could have happened, and she wanted to know what was going on with Duncan! Right after Nuggy died, Duncan refused to let people leave the house. He growled and snapped just like Nuggy had. Had Nuggy moved into Duncan, or was Duncan just assuming the duties?

I connected with Nuggy and found that his body had been severely shocked by the national trauma, and that his soul had scattered as it left his body rather than moving onto heaven as dogs normally do. And yes, a large part of his soul had moved into Duncan! I gathered all his soul parts up, did big healing work, and took them all to heaven.

Duncan recovered immediately and returned to his old gentle self.  Shirley too received a huge healing from the spirits, and her anxiety and depression over Nuggy just melted away.