Emma gets help with digestive troubles and anxiety

SHhorse 400sq Emma: Chihuahua with stomach issues and separation anxiety.Qualified Healer: Susanne Helms Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Excerpt: Emma, a 10 year old Chihuahua with digestive problems; vomiting and intestinal thickening. Some not so typical helper animals came to assist Emma with her problems. Now she is more active and happy.

Emma is a 10 year old chihuahua mix that we rescued September 1st 2012. We don't know any of her history other than she was picked up as a stray in CA and brought up here to a local rescue about a month before we adopted her. She has had digestive issues in the past and has horrible separation anxiety, if she can't go I don't go. She has physical symptoms if she is left alone.

Susanne did a very thorough session with Emma and even suggested I have her eyes examined to stay on top of any issues that may be starting there. I think Emma enjoyed the attention and healing as she was extra bouncy tonight, more than usual. I enjoyed Susanne's way of doing it and was excited that she also saw the butterfly as Emma's spirit animal/guide, not sure how you refer to it. Thank you Susanne for the wonderful experience!!

The Healing: Emma was brought into my lower world healing circle by my teacher and power animal. We ask her if there is anything she would like healed today in addition to what her mom has told us about her intestinal thickening. She says she would like her eyes looked at; nothing really bad, but not as bright and clear as they were.

As we get started, Earthworm comes and says he would like to help with Emma's intestines. So Earthworm enters her mouth and starts looking through her intestinal tract depositing some probiotics and beneficial bacteria along the way. Every now and then he notices some areas of thickening and magically eats away the extra amount that makes the opening too narrow. When he comes out he tells what he saw and that because she is older, he had to be careful not to do to much that would cause harm. Emma's mom already feeds her several small meals a day and Earthworm says that is just perfect. He then goes into the earth to deposit the things he ate and for mother earth to make them clean again. Fly then enters to look at Emma's eyes. Because eyesight is so important to Fly, he thinks he can help. He enters her body to get a good look at her eyes. He sees a few things amiss and eats them right up. He says because he is a fly he can eat all the nasties and not have any ill effects. He then goes flying off.

We ask Emma how she feels now. She says she can see a little clearer and things seem to be brighter. As far as her tummy goes, she says she feels better overall. We then gather around her and give her healing hands of love. White light comes down from the ceiling and Archangel Michael also sends his love and blessings to Emma. Butterfly comes to the healing circle and says she is his power animal which is confirmed by my teacher. Butterfly will stay with Emma forever to help her feel youthful and keep the butterflies out of her stomach.

My teacher and power animal then take Emma back to her home. I come back to Middle World with my power animal and back to my bones.