Energy healing language

mantra-johre2 Over time I have come to see the various energy healing systems as simply different languages describing a very similar phenomena. The language involves the steps we take, (first do this, then do that), the symbols we consider, and the words we use to describe the work. Many "modern" systems bypass the shamanic connection to knowable compassionate spirits, and instead connect to source, the universe or some other thing. This can be amazing and delightful!

However, there is a reason our ancestors practiced shamanism, and our ancestor's reasons are still important for us moderns. The compassionate Spirits add so much value, and they can keep you on track in all regards.  When I am doing Reiki, or any other energy healing practice (and yes, I am a Reiki master) I really don't clearly understand where the energy is going and how it is working. I have to trust, but who or what? I trust my compassionate Spirits, that's who!  Even though I don't understand the power in my hands, the Spirits do, and they have access to a whole lot more of it.  The compassionate spirits understand what is needed and can supercharge the healing, making it direct and appropriate for the work required. Its important to remember that. Shamanism steps it up, a lot.