Energy healing is real

elijahandthechairotoffire_emersonferrellI am not a physicist. Few are. I did study physics in college by reading the original writings of the great minds. I put my head around Einstein and other founders of quantum, and the early inquirers too, from Aristotle to Sir Isaac Newton. What I learned at St. John's College is that inquiry is sacred. When it comes to science, Phenomena trumps theory. Theory describes phenomena. Not the other way around.
Energy healing is real. We activate energy healing through our intention, sometimes adding in touch, sometimes adding in tools. We can activate this energy simply with touch, and it is especially strong when the touch is very light and is filled with the desire to connect and to help, (again, intention). The beauty of this phenomena is that a person doesn't have to understand anything about the physics, nor even believe in unseen energy, to be a master at intentional touch healing.  I studied Masterson Method horse massage which is all about energy healing through intentional touch, from a person who categorically refuses to introduce the concept of energy into the work. That's fine. The phenomena stands.
So whether we call it Reiki, healing touch, quantum touch, matrix energetics, or whatever, I believe we are using a power we all have, the energetic life force that naturally heals, especially when applied with loving intention. I don't understand the physics of it one little bit, no matter how many times I watch cosmos or stand at the feet of a quantum genius like Claude Poncelet. But I have gotten better at being a giver and receiver of the power.