Gail Guides a Kitty Home

Hi Carla,I don’t know who else to write this too.   It is 12:55 am my time, but I am soooo pumped it will be a long while before I go to sleep.

I was going to go to bed tonight (today?) about 12:30 am when I looked at my phone and saw a message from a friend of mine, Nancy.  Her cat, Murphy, that I made her get (like really made her get- and she is totally attached to), jumped off her 3rd story balcony of her condo this morning at 9:30 am this morning, and has been missing ever since.  I have no idea when she called me (except it had to be late tonight) because Henry and I left the lake house at 3:00 pm, and from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm I had a very  good friend over for Reiki/Shaman work and then we all had dinner,  as she is a friend of both mine and Henry’s.

So this morning, (at 12:30 am) when I talked to Nancy, who was hysterical and beyond, I told her I would do what I could.  I went into Shaman mode, called in the spirits, and got Murphy the cat, and talked to him.   Nancy’s told me that her 1st floor neighbor, directly below her, agreed to leave out food and water and his door cracked so Murphy could come home.  I showed Murphy all this and could see where he was.   One of my former Employer’s in Commercial Real Estate use to own the office building next to Nancy’s condo building, so I totally knew where he was.  Murphy told me he was sort of having fun, some of it was weird, but by now he was very hungry and thirsty.  He told me he knew that being that thirsty would be bad for his kidneys (which Nancy later told me he had problems with before) so Murphy was no dummy.  So I explained to Murphy in detail where to go and that Nancy was freaking out.   Murphy was sorry that Nancy was so upset, but he was, at this point, ready to come home, just not sure how, so happy to know where to go.

Now I know this is a cat that use to open doors in Nancy’s condo floor, and walk into various people’s condos, so he is not shy to enter new places.   I told him I knew that about him,  and he was perfectly capable of walking into this ground floor condo.     As I was finishing the session, thanking my guides, I decided that, even though it was now very late, I would still call Nancy to tell her to expect to hear very soon that Murphy was in fact lying on the floor of the 1st floor condo.   One of my women guides, Asa, agreed to be there to wake up or alert the ground floor neighbor in case he was asleep.    I actually got a clear visual of Murphy lying on the floor, twitching his tail.   But, before I finished, my phone was ringing, and it was Nancy saying the neighbor saw Murphy and they GOT him.

Wow!!  Thank you so much for all I have learned from you.  And thanks to you, my confidence it growing leaps and bounds and boy do I LOVE it!!

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