Gail Helps Schroder in Healing Clinic

4/22/2013 Healing Clinic with Carla Meeske and client “Cindy and her dog Schroder”

 Gail Peeler - Qualified Healer

Gail Peeler

Schroeder is Cindy’s 3 and ½ year old dog that is having chronic diarrhea, and vomiting.  Schroder has lost 15 lbs. and gone from 150 to 130 lbs.  Schroder has been on numerous medications and changes in diet.   There are more tests to come from the Vet.   Cindy would like to avoid a biopsy of Schroeder’s’ intestine if possible.


I started at my middle world where I meet Schroeder and Cindy, and we traveled to the upper world.  In the upper world we went to my healing space and my Bear guide was there for the healing as well as a Dolphin that showed up as  one of Schroder’s guides.  This was a first for me to be working with a Dolphin.   Dolphin swam around the healing stone like it was in water, even though there was no water.   Dolphin was totally capable of working in this “non-water” environment, as if it was in water.    Bear and Dolphin made it clear that they were in charge of the healing.  Dolphin told Schroder that he does not have to be sick in this life.   Dolphin showed Schroeder running around in a dog park with Cindy, and Schroeder liked that visualization a lot.    Schroeder said it would be great.  Apparently there is a past life connection where Schroeder thinks that being sick is part of a karmic pattern with Cindy.

Dolphin put Schroder in a healing bubble and filled it with warm water with special healing crystals.  Schroder loved it.   He lay on his back with his legs up and appeared to really enjoy the warm healing water surrounding him.   After a while, Bear who was at Schroeder’s head, pierced the bubble with his claw, and the water in the bubble, drained into buckets.   Bear and Dolphin took these buckets of water to the lake in my healing space, and poured the water in there.  The water was taken by other dolphins in that lake, and then the lake water turned even more crystal clear and sparkled.   When the water drained off, and out of, the bubble, Schroeder was completely dry inside the bubble as if he had never been in the water.    Two of my other guides, came to Schroder on the healing stone to join Bear at his head,  and put their hands out to take “thought patterns and Attitudes”  out of Schroder’s head.  These came out as big purple streams.   Dolphin, who was at Schroeder’s feet, also put his nose on Schroder’s back and tail and sent humming “Dolphin like” sounds into Schroder’s body, which vibrated into his body.

Meanwhile Schroder showed me yogurt, more than one time.  Schroder wants some yogurt.  It will also be good for his stomach.   I told Cindy to be sure to ask her Vet is that is OK, but Schroder was clearly showing me he wanted some yogurt.

Dolphin was not only a Guide for Schroder, but was the power animal that was used to replace the all the extraction taken out.   So Dolphin was inserted into Schroder for healing.