Gardening for my Family

I have been teaching a class in shamanic soul gardening. It is changing my life in huge and sweet ways. Yesterday in our class we journeyed to start a fresh new garden plot. I was shown a plot that was about my relationship with my Dad. As background, he is 93. I am his primary, and he is slipping. Tuesday we went to the heart Doc who said that he is building up fluids, and we need to fix it. He gave me the recipe for increasing lasix etc. As if to prove the point, later dad collapsed in the kitchen. One of those days….

In the gardening class journey, the Spirits showed me that I was dying with him - really a soul loss setup, but in fact I have been having angina - like pain. Which is odd since I can workout hard. It is probably my chest fascia, but it is certainly a message. The Spirit told me I had better do something about it NOW. They wove a large basket in the center of the garden, and each strand was something from all of the family and friends who love Phil. He was in the center surrounded by love. As he passed, his soul lifted out of the basket into the sky, and the basket HELD ME FIRMLY here. I didn’t have soul loss. I didn’t follow him. I was rooted in the love of the living. The spirits said, “weave that basket now”.

So immediately after class I wrote an email to all of Dad’s family and remaining friends. I asked them to remember him, and to send him a card, a picture, a note - something to remind him of their love and to bring him a smile. And I told them how important it is for me to be connected to them. So many of these relations are through Dad's second marriage. They are step family, and our connection is not a given. It must be nurtured. WOW what a response. So beautiful! Our house will be hosting house guests every weekend through the whole spring, as loves ones come to remind Phil just how great he is!

This is huge for me. I am so blessed. The Spirits inspired me to do this, and now the whole garden is just blooming like crazy. And Dad today was so much better, he lost a pound of fluids overnight. He loved the pictures and the stories that I have so far, and he is very excited by his full social calendar.

Life is for the living. Lets live EVERY DAY with joy!