Hawaii Workshop - Learn to Journey and Spirits of the Reef

On August 16-18, 2008 I will be giving a 2 day introductory workshop in Kona, followed by a special 3rd day of communicating with the Hawaiian reef. I am very excited to be finally sharing this magical work. When I was journeying in Bonaire the spirits of the ocean would regularly direct me to Hawaii and say, "These are the spirits you will be working with to bring this to life for people." And so it is.

First of all I would like to say how excited I am that we will be hosted at a lovely home in Kona - (see the pics.) Thank you Dana for sharing your fabulous home with us! The first two days will be all about learning to journey and talk with animals, and of course connecting with our personal helping spirits. We will dance our animals and learn how to get their advice for ourselves and others. The second day we ask the teachers to help us with more advanced animal communication requests: Discovering hidden things about an animals unknown past, and connecting with animals who have died. And we will finish the day learning how to request a simple open ended healing for an animal, guided by our compassionate spirits, of course!

Day three we hit the water! We will visit a a great snorkeling beach and connect with the animals and plants there up front and in person. Then we will journey to them and meet their spirits, and the ancient spirits who will bring us amazing lessons about all of life. It is such a joy. If we are lucky we will meet Dolphins. If we are luckier we will meet Parrot Fish, and if we are even luckier still, we will be given a sweet teaching by one of the tiny and exquisite Wrasses. My deepest hope is that we are graced by the spirit of Coral itself, the backbone of the reef and life herself. (just think for a moment about all the places adorned with fossils from previous coral communities, places like Carlsbad caverns, for example.) Wow!

I promise you will meet Parrot Fish, Wrasses and Coral. We will just have to sing the Dolphins in to accomplish the first in person. Their spirits will be there in our journey's though.

You can register for the workshop at www.spiritlearning.com/kona. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

My deepest gratitude to the following for making this workshop happen:

  • Carolyn Bjur in Chicago, for visualizing this and making it happen - THANK YOU!
  • Liz Dacus for organizing this on the Hawaii side. THANK YOU!
  • Dana for lending us your incredibly beautiful home and for your beautiful heart. THANK YOU!
  • Deb Decker, for telling the world. You are the best. THANK YOU!
  • Spirits of the reef, for working with me through thick and thin - especially you Tarpon, THANK YOU!

Here is Deb's press release