Healing my Brain Injury in the Spiral

This is my personal story of receiving healing in the Spiral. in 2008 I had a diving accident where I suffered compound problems. I got the bends, and I had an air embolism. Yes kids, I did both things. Yes I was stupid. But it happened. I was in Bonaire and I got to visit the chamber for 2 "dives" each 6 hours long. That gave me enough recovery so that it was safe for me to fly. But it didn't put my brain back in order. The little stroke left me somewhat handicapped mentally.  I couldn't order my thoughts, and I had impaired working and short term memory. Soon after I got home I was scheduled to give my first edition of the Masks workshop. In this retreat we make empowered masks of our special teachers, and then we use them in the sacred spiral. We ask the spirits to heal us by merging with us completely, and remaking us new in their sacred womb. It is good if  we set an intention for what we would like to have changed.

The workshop was REALLY hard to conduct. I tried to make carefully typed step by step notes so that I could lead it effectively, but the notes were scrambled. This I know because I asked one of the participants to read them! LOL.Thankfully it was a small group of good friends, and I had Sue DeLamater as my co-leader. I just took it one step at a time, asking Spirits to put the words into my mouth each time I spoke, and we muddled through. We made beautiful masks!

When it came time to put the masks on and enter the empowered spiral, I made my deep prayer to have my brain healed. AND IT WORKED! I walked in stupid, and walked out virtually normal. This is my miracle. This is the healing the spirits did for me that I will NEVER FORGET. It is what I reference when I start doubting (as we all do). And the thing I that makes me filled with gratitude everytime I think of it.

There have been other miracles in the Spiral, especially with the Mask workshop. Dad was having some horrible blood pressure event, and the Spirits healed him when we walked the spiral for him, as surrogates. Carolyn walked into the Spiral bent over and grey cast from severe disk pain. She walked out pain free. There are many more stories, personal and intimate.

We are SO BLESSED that the Spirits will come to our aid in this way. THANK YOU GRACIOUS ONES!

My notes were scrambled. I couldn't read them anyway so to rebirth ourselves, all healed up, in the spirits womb.