Can you help my dog with Cancer?

I was asked today: "Our 12 yr.old dog and beloved family member has nasal cancer and no cure, wondering if you think you could help."



I wanted to share my reply:

I am so sorry to hear this news about your dog. Here is how I can help. I can connect with the Spirits who bring healing and support, and bridge the energy to them for you and your dog. They are not likely to cure the cancer. But they would help bring relief from the misery of it, and they would bring you direct guidance and support. I would make sure to connect you with your personal Spirit Guide or Power Animal, who will work directly with you in an ongoing way. Through your intuition, or sixth sense, or inner guidance, your personal Spirit(s) will help you make the best choices.

I would call in the Spirits of your dogs Spirit Tribe, and formally reconnect him to those Spirits. That way he knows where he is going and can look forward to reuniting with his other family. This will make your dog very happy, which makes leaving you easier for him, and makes it way easier for you, because you know where he is going. I always make sure to call in a Spiritual emissary, who will take personal responsibility for guiding the dog through the light. Sometimes this is the dogs angels. Sometimes it is a member of his tribe. Sometimes it is a loved one who has already passed. Sometimes it is another kind Spirit. I also make sure all your questions and concerns get addressed.

Shamanic healing can cure disease, but it is rare for an older animal to get a miracle cure. The Spirits are very good at helping relieve the suffering. They have a special way of making things feel better, goodness only knows how. I have seen many cases where a session helped put the disease on hold, often to the medical team's surprise! The Spirits I work with are very supportive of team work. They are impressed with the ingenuity of Western medicine and the cures we have crafted. Your team becomes empowered with the Spirits' Compassionate guidance and energetic support. Be it allopathic or alternative medicine, the Spirits will empower you and gently guide the team to make the very best choices.

Each session is unique, but my personal team of compassionate Spirits always brings in a range of healing power that is tailored to that case. Some of the compassionate Spirits on my team are specialists in alternative modalities. For example, Dr Lee is an acupuncturist, and he performs his medicine on the spiritual level in our session. I get to see the exact placement of the needles, and the moves he makes over the patient to get the energy flowing.

I hope this helps answer your questions. I am hear for you if you would like a session for your dog. We can do it over the phone, or if you are near North Phoenix, we can work live.

Thanks again for asking. This is a very difficult time for you, I know. I've been there! Hugs,