Hollow Bone

Karen Hisata's description of being a Hollow Bone is perfection!

Hollow Bone

JUL  31, 2013

In the first class I had with Carla Meeske, my Shamanic Teacher, I listened to her describe how we should be "Hollow Bones" for our spirit guides' healing.  Honestly, it seemed very morbid to me.  I thought about it briefly, and then filed it away in my mind as it was the part of shamanic teaching that made me squeamish. During my first classes I met many amazing spirits, who are still with me today, and who showed me things I was simply not ready to see.  By end of class #2, I felt as if I either had to jump off a cliff in order to accept as truth what I had been shown;  I knew it was something that would shift my world view on another axis and perhaps walk me straight into insanity...or so I feared.   So I stopped studying with Carla, and went about my life.  But the spirits kept visiting me and the visions - I simply could not forget or even ignore them.

So back to the term "Hollow Bone".. I started up again with classes to learn Shamanic Healing (and am happy to say I recently completed Carla Meeske's Spirit Healer course curriculum (She is a gifted teacher!)). And therefore had the opportunity to hear Carla talk again about this idea the other day. And I began to consider its meaning more deeply. While she spoke I realized how EGO, my ego had no place in clear-seeing and clear-understanding.  My judgement had no place.  Perhaps I was getting closer to knowing it.

The next morning I journeyed and asked my guides to please teach me what I needed to understand.  And my journey was amongst other things a celebratory and coming of spirit sort of journey.  And the main teaching was about being a Hollow Bone.

I am still "beginning" shamanism and initiated on my path (and this log will serve as my cliff notes).  And this is what I received and would like to share with you from yesterday's journey:

I was shown a bone, my bone.. and what I saw expanded from there.

in journeying: "I see BLACKNESS. Black Jaguar's eyes are before me. This Darkness is silent yet open.  Feeling of vastness yet being here within myself.  Emptiness and completion at the same time. I see a bone and I know it is me. It is cut along its length.  And within it is emptiness. I understand now what I am to be in this work.  That is - I AM A HOLLOW BONE. Hollow bone is beyond nothing.  Beyond empty. It is everything and nothing. It is Open;  I hear all, I see all, I feel all. I am receptive emptiness in my being. I am a hollow bone. I see and feel all my teachers, my guides, they hold this space for me and protect me too. They speak to me and in their words and in their wisdom I know I can trust completely."