Honor to the Students!

At long last I have chosen to offer a Certificate of Training in Shamanism that reflects my shamanic students INCREDIBLE DEDICATION AND EFFORT.  They are following their dream.  They connect directly with wise compassionate spirits to learn the mysteries of the universe.  They help animals who can't find recourse anywhere else. They work hard, and they love every minute of it. Every week these brilliant people are in the class, doing deep and sometimes challenging shamanic journeys. They face their fears. They step through portals into the unknown. The laugh, they cry, and they learn SO MUCH! It is amazing to me to witness  people entering the program a little timid and unsure, and after only a few months developing incredible personal power and confidence.

Of course a Certification Program is a serious undertaking. I have to be rigorous!  My people must develop strong  shamanic "chops" to handle the everyday and the unusual things that will come along. They must have proven experience working with all sort of animal situations.  They will! We have 9 months of weekly studies, with homework! We have the new Shamanic Healing Clinic where they will work in a powerful setting on all sorts of animals. And we have masterclasses and electives that will allow them to expand their vision even farther.

Now you can learn a lot of shamanism without every going so far as the 9 month certification. You can start at the beginning with Introduction to Shamanic Journey: 3Worlds. You will meet your Spirit Teachers and learn to access their wisdom and healing power for yourself.  Then follow with Shamanic Animal Communication, where you will learn the simple and profound art of communicating directly with animals through the shamanic journey. We welcome you to join the classes starting in August. Maybe you will want to follow your dream and learn the full program too!

Join my free intro class on Wed August 10, and see if shamanism is right for you! And have look at the upcoming schedule on the calendar page. We have a wonderful word awaiting us.