Ike visits Mom- after his passing

Hi Carla,A short add-on to the Ike story---little terrier from shelter you did a sesson on...

A few weeks ago I was doing dishes and suddenly felt for the first time Ike---all around me...unmistakeable! Happy to feel his presence and started sending him lots of love. Then wondered if it was a good bye--that maybe he was free of his body and leaving--

That night was just between waking and sleep and suddenly saw a road---and on the road Ike in his old body was walking. The area was beautiful--green, lots of trees, meadows and this dirt road led to a fence--a big wooden gate and two bright beings---standing at the gate. They smiled at Ike and he seemed to recognize them. As he ran to them his body shifted into a puppy body so he had all this vitality. He was so excited and happy--running toward this gate. He looked back at me with a wonderful and happy expression one last time. Then he went through the gate---the brilliant beings smiled and waved at me and closed the gate---they started playing with Ike and and they walked up the road out of site. He seemed so happy to be with them.

Just wanted to share this with you--since I am out of touch with his physical owners I'll never know what happened. This was so tangible and sudden. Thought to share it with you. Thank you again for the wonderful work you and your healing spirits did with him and also bringing the guide---the red winged blackbird that has become a strong presence in journeys here. Appreciatively, Jan in Colorado