I'm on the Horse Show with Rick Lamb!

See me do equine bodywork on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb! SO EXCITING!  In addition to my shamanic practice, I offer hands on bodywork for equines in Phoenix AZ.  I combine the Masterson Method with Connected Flow shamanic energy healing, to encouraging deep release on every level. For those of you who do shamanic work with me, I am using shamanic soul garden to bring the nature's creative life force through my hands. I use specific visualizations to connect to the NOR garden as I am doing hands on bodywork (I am certified in The Masterson Method). It is really a connected bridge between the worlds, and I feel like it has all finally come full circle. Watch me here! 

If you live in Phoenix, I'd love to work on your horse. I will be teaching classes live and over the phone on how to bring the soul garden into your hands, starting in September.