In Loving Memory of Toby

Healing Clinic Request: Toby, a 14 year old Main Coon, suffered from abdominal tumors. His mother had been working closely with Healer Jo Maldonado prior to the Healing Clinic.


Shamanic Journey:

During the Healing Clinic, Mary Helen Schmidt was paired with Toby. During the Journey, Toby was shown seated on a Purple Throne. He was approached by one of Mary Helen's teachers, Dr. George, who proceeded to remove the bad energy. Next Mary Helen's spiral teacher spun gold and roses into Toby and he was then crowned by Goddess (another of Mary Helens teachers). While Mary Helen journeyed, Toby's mother noticed that Toby had come to the phone, laid down and slept peacefully. After the journey had ended, Toby promptly got up, ate half his bowl of food and went to the litter box. His mother was "blown away".


While Toby rebounded immediately after the healing, his condition worsened the next morning. His Mom called Carla and we did a private healing session to connect him to his spirit tribe and facilitate a smooth and graceful transition. Knowing with certainty that it was time to act, she lovingly wrapped him in his Angel Blanket and made the trip to the vets:

"He was calm and quite all the way there on the car trip (he usually hates the car and cry's all the way to the vet... actually he did on Fridays visit) but today .....not a sound .....he was leaning his head over my arm on the short drive there....They sent us into a room and on the table was a royal purple little soft bed ..... as soon as we looked at it Michael and I knew it would be OK because last night in the session they picked him up and put him on a royal purple chair...."

After saying their goodbyes, the family left to wait outside the room: "We were anxious and sobbing and then all of a sudden we were filled with peace....and we could feel love…" and Toby passed peacefully.

Dear Carla,

"I think timing is everything.... we so wanted a peaceful passing for him and that was exactly what happened. We had a wonderful week with him and I was so blessed working with Jo ... her and Toby taught us some amazing life lessons this week. I would not have missed the group last night for anything .... I am so blessed for the experience... everything the healer said was so amazingly right on and we will hold onto those last memories. It was very precious. My phone call to you was the perfect timing if I had waited he would have really suffered... I knew the talk you had with him helped him and you were right........ he wasn't afraid."