Jackie - Case Study from Healing Clinic

Jackie was accidentally let out of the house by a cable guy that entered her home…it frightened her and she ran out and ran away. She was found 2 days later and taken to at shelter where Katie was able to retrieve her. Ever since then she has acted very scared of everything. Animal: Jackie 2.5 year old toy poodle

Healing Clinic Date: August 29, 2011

Qualified Healer: Claudia Kroll

Contact:  yorkie5kroll2@cox.net http://www.wix.com/gentlehearthealing/gentlehearthealingwithclaudia

Shamanic Healing: Spirits did a power animal retrieval with 2 power animals; desert tortus and eagle.  Jackie continued to indicate her fears. Next spirits sent me on a soul retrieval with my power animal. Spirit reinfused all soul parts back into Jackie. Spirit requested I talk to Katie, the guardian and offered healing to her. She accepted verbally in OR and my power animal deer brought her to the healing circle. Spirit then sent me to the Crystal Cave for Emerald and Garnet. There I was also given a rose quartz for my pocket. I brought everything back and the emerald and garnet was infused into first Jackie then Katie. I was told to give Katie the rose quarts into her hand to keep, When I took it out of my pocket it was polished smooth and in the shape of a heart. I then witnessed my spirit teacher surround Jackie and Katie with sacred smoke to seal in the healing power.

Outcome/Feedback: I would like to thank Claudia for the healing of Jackie on Monday's Shamanic Animal Clinic. She did a healing on my dog Jackie. Jackie was 11 months old when she ran away. She was gone for 2 days. When she was returned she was a dog that was afraid of almost every thing. Claudia did a healing on Jackie which included giving her her power animals which she can call on when she is fearful. Also, she gave her two stones (emerald & garnet) which she can also use for protection. Jackie is a happier dog now. You can see it in her energy and how she interacts. Thank you to Claudia for the fantastic healing.