Telecall Journey Circle

Wouldn't it be great to have a circle over the phone where we simply get together to journey and support each other on the path of shamanic learning? Let's do it! Please join us on the second Monday of each month for an 1 to 1.5 hour call were we will commune with friends, journey to the spirits, and celebrate our connection. The call will meet at 6:30 Mountain time. The format will be:

  • Open circle by calling in the spirits
  • Do a quick introduction and check in around the circle
  • Journey on a topic as a group (or if an individual person prefers he/she may use the time for a personal journey)
  • Share the journeys we did (for those who choose to share). We may break into smaller groups to do this if the circle is large.
  • Close circle

This is a chance to journey in a powerful, supportive circle. The circle of spirits helps keep us focused and gives juice to the experience. Please joins us, and please tell your friends about it!

The calls are on the SECOND MONDAY of each month. We are asking a $5.00 fee per call, however, if that is out of your budget you may join the call for free. (I realize that in hard times some of us are having a trouble scraping together even that little bit of cash!) You will have to pay for the call to the bridge line. To join the next call, click the link below to Pay Pal. After you pay you will be given an auto responder email with phone numbers and logistic for the next call. If you want to join and can't pay, email and we will send you the logistics letter. Click here to register for the next call.