Journeying Though my Garden

Today I did my shamanic gardening as I went for a walk on the desert behind my home. I just slipped into a journey as I was walking along, a lot like a daydream, but really, a lucid journey state where I was walking in both worlds at once. Non ordinary reality was vivid and real, just as it is when I journey from the comfort of my chair. And when I shifted my attention to the physical desert, I was like a Fairy on the land, a Spirit interacting with he Spirit of world I live in. I was shape shifted, and the desert was shimmering. I touched one of my favorite rocks, and connected in a way that was much deeper than ever. This merged state of being is the real deal in shamanic practice. This is what we are striving to achieve - to bring the spirits though our bones and affect the world we touch. This is what a shaman does when she is doing a healing. When I am working on my shamanic garden, I am healing me, my life and everything that connects to me. Shamanic Gardening is Big Medicine.

I would like to share with you a little part of my garden diary from today. It was just so cool.....

My garden is lush, green and filled will sorts of plants that I can't grow here in the desert. I visit it when I go for my daily walk. I slip into a lucid journey and meet my teacher, and go to visit the garden. I visit the parts of the garden that are associated with whatever I am working on in life that day. Today I was working on retirement planning - learning new investment skills (math - whew!). So my teacher suggested we build a new tool shed. We did, very cute with lots of windows. Then we filled it with tools, all carefully lined up. Then he said - "lets go work on that area you set out to plant the seeds for retirement." (See where I am going with this?) We had previously tilled the ground, and today we planted a cover crop of fava beans. Then we visited another plot that is all about my finally getting the lawsuits settled around the car wreck last year. It is a raw area of land filled with boulders and scruff. My teacher said we needed to decide what to plant, and what we really want from this field. I said I wanted nut trees and a vegetable garden that will feed me year round, and a fish pond with koi. He said, ok! And we made a plan to clean up the area, plant the yard, and work around the boulders. The plan is always first.