Journeying Check Lists

My students often ask me if they are "Doing it Right"  when they are learning a new healing technique. Shamanism, like anything, has steps and protocol. Following the the steps is important for getting into connection with compassionate spirits. In my training I will give you detailed checklists for each little thing we learn to do. However, the secret is that you don't have to follow them to be successful. All you have to do is hold intention, turn it over to the Spirits and be the best healing bridge you can be. This is because in shamanism we are not the airplane pilot - our compassionate Spirit Allies are. We ask for a ride with a specific intention, and the Spirits fly the plane. That being said, I do love checklists, and I offer you one here that you should try to use with every healing journey "flight". Consider it like Take off, Flight, and Landing:

1) diagnosis/extraction/transmutation 2) power infusion  (healing power infusion, soul retrieval, PA retrieval, etc) 3) sealing in and support for ongoing integration

The trick here is that you can use this checklist without knowing how to fly. I teach people to set the stage for healing by working with their Spirits to create a sacred healing space in NOR. And then we bring our clients into this space, and ask our Spirit Allies to do the healing. We are witnesses. We hold the intention for the work to be done, and we observe it being done. We keep track of were we are in the process. Is it step 1, 2, or 3?. This is like being a passenger in the plane, watching the map on video screen in the seat back in front of you.

So if you are learning to do healing work, and you ask yourself "Am I doing this right?" The answer is yes if you are holding the intention for the healing, and letting the spirits do the work. Your job is stand witness and follow along. Each journey will be different. Each one will be perfect. Mostly they will follow the 1,2 3 sequence, but even when they don't the Spirits know what they are doing and the work will be good.

Trust your Spirits to pilot you well. As you do, you too will learn to fly. In my flight school you will get  a more detailed checklist to follow for each step, 0that will keep you on track and safe.