Knowing: Shamanic philosophical exploration

Dore world between the worlds
In the SpiritHealer School's #6 Class: Animal Crossing and the Afterlife, we have been exploring the world in between the upper and lower worlds,and the middle world. These realms are well known in our classical literature and art. Susanne shared this picture on Facebook today, because it really does speak to what we have seen in our journeys. Shamanism is about coming to KNOW what IS. Shamanism is the most profound philosophical exploration I can ever imagine. When I went to St Johns College to read all the Great Books, my whole purpose was to come to know. St Johns gave me the framework for a rigorous exploration. But it is Shamanism that is giving me the direct experience that I need to have some glimpse of the way it is. Yes, it is very very deep!

Gustave Doré, Oil on Canvas: "When we were down below in the dark well, beneath the giant's feet and lower yet, with my eyes still upon the steep embankment,I heard this said to me: 'Watch how you pass; walk so that you not trample with your soles the heads of your exhausted, wretched brothers.'

At this I turned and saw in front of me, beneath my feet, a lake that, frozen fast, had lost the look of water and seemed glass."