Kolur 1986-2013

Kolur Kiss In Memory of Kolur

Love is not a big enough word. This horse  - there are no words. So so sad. He went with grace, surrounded by those who have cared for him for these last years. Blessings to all of us. So So Sad.

Kolur Imported from Iceland by Robyn Hood in 92 or 93 An expo horse for the Icelandic Horse Farm, until he took to stumbling. Gifted to my by Robyn Hood. I restarted him with clicker training, no halter, no nothing. We just danced together for a year. He got fabulous body work by Erik Verdow. His pol finally got motion back, and he learned to bend and flex. That work inspired me to become a Masterson Method Massage therapist. Then we rode and rode. The beach. The mountains. The hills, in Expos. He got lost for 3 days in the Oregon mountains. He got cancer. We knocked it back! He nurtured his herd. Then we moved to Arizona. And he told Jark where we were.

Here in AZ his life was harder. No grass. And he lived in boarding stables for 6 years. He got cancer and an amputation. He got crippled by a stupid pasture accident and nearly died. But his love kept going. He became a therapy horse and was happy. He carried Angela over the hills, Dads late wife, and he helped little Priscilla learn to ride at 3 years old. At Robin Overstreet's barn he was an ambassador. A lover of all. And he kept saying "I want to live with you again!". So with the determination of a bull dog, Matt and I found this house, and he moved in just about 11 months ago. We had 11 months here. Me watching him out the windows. Lindy taking him for slow walk rides. Him loving his new mare Lyra, and playing with Jark, gelding style.

But this weekend was it. A colic and twist. Fast, furious, and done.

How we miss him. I regret not having spent more time loving and caring and tenderly being with him. Live for now. Love for now. Be for and with those you care for. JUST DO IT. Life is short. and poof.

In time Kolur will be my wind horse, as he has been in many journeys already. I know he is my forever pony. My heart and breath. For now, dear one, remember who you are. And when you are ready, teach me darling, about the wind and the sky.

Kolur  1986 - 2013