Kolur Lives! Again!

Kolur Those of you who have met Kolur know that he is sweetness on hooves. He's a lover and a therapy horse, but he hasn't had it easy.

This spring he had his cancerous penis amputated (sorry fellows). That healed up fine and we were excited about the winter riding season, when he got kicked in the leg. The wound infected and it spread into his elbow joint, a terribly painful and potentially crippling, even fatal problem. Fortunately we have Spirit Allies who love us, and wonderful healing help from our team of vets and care givers.

First week of September I went to visit friends in Oregon. I was hesitant to go, and I was counting the days to come home. While I was gone new horses came to the barn, and the turnout area had the usual shuffling for position. Kolur got nailed! When I got home I saw the surface wound, a small cut which I cleaned up and medicated. Three days later it swelled like a balloon, so off to the hospital we went. The vets on duty treated it as a puncture wound, but cautioned it was near the bone. Unfortunately the antibiotics didn't work, and five days later Kolur's elbow joint infected. In a horse, especially an older horse, this is life threatening.  Dr. Lucas said she would understand if I decided to end the pain for him, but she wanted to try aggressive treatment. If he survived he could be crippled, but we would cross that bridge when we got to it. She did surgery to clean the joint and sent him home under the care of my dear friend and small animal vet, Bill Petersen. We administered IV antibiotics plus intramuscular penicillin with big fat needles. From a vet point of view we were doing what we could. From a shamanic point of view we needed a miracle!

That weekend Eva, Sue and I performed the Spiral Labyrinth for him. We assembled at Sue's and rolled out the Spiral. I called in the Spirits in the special way that I was taught, and we empowered the spiral with sacred stones connected to other important power spots on the planet. The energy was palpable. Spirit was so strong that Sue was frozen into place, unable to move! It was Eva's first Spiral, and she was uncertain when she should enter. I wasn't giving much instruction, as I was busy walking the Spiral and asking the spirits to bring Kolur a miracle. So Eva journeyed to her Spiral teacher, and asked for guidance. When it was time for her to walk, Spirit shoved her forward with a possession-strong force. She said the experience was completely amazing! She and I walked the Spiral repeatedly for Kolur and for three other animals, all of whom were in deep need. One was Gurta, Sue's dog, who had been suffering paralysis seizures. She hasn't had another since. Sue did her healing work where she stood - oddly enough paralysed by the power. Spirit works in odd ways. It is all reflection, mirrors upon mirrors.

I went to the barn immediately after the circle and medicated Kolur. He was uncomfortable and his leg was still warm and puffy. Then around 3:00 in the morning I awoke and knew that his fever had broken, that he had overcome the infection. The next morning he was bright and the swelling was gone! That was two weeks ago now, and the leg just gets better and better. He did get one bout of stomach disturbance that scared the heck out of me, but other than that his healing has been on a straight line to normal! He has been off pain meds for a week and is showing no signs of lameness, and that infection seems like it was years ago. Blessings!

Next week he will begin a slow gentle rehab, as the infections are known to destroy cartilage. I trust the Spirits to have protected his joint, but I won't be cavalier. We will do just as the Doctor orders and take it nice and slow.