Kolur's transition

Kokoeye Losing a horse is monumental. The tears, the ache, the feeling it will never end. But it does subside. It has been 6 days now. Kolur is processing his change. The first day he was in a white place where I could not go. This is the in between world where souls go to get is all sorted out - the body is gone, the concerns of incarnation can leave too. They separate from us. It hurts like mad! But it is completely right. We need to stay HERE. And they need to go THERE. and our souls must separate. He was only there about a day and half, a pretty short time. While he was there he would occasionally come thundering through the paddock and the swiftly pass away. The horses saw him and startled. I felt him, but we didn't communicate. We were finding our separateness. After he left the white place he joined a raucous tribe of Icelandic Horses, and I could begin to communicate with him. He introduced me to a Spirit Man who has been connected to us for generations. Kolur and I go back so many lifetimes. He told me that his favorite thing of all in our lives together was free dancing with clicker. And he said that the very best way to help Jark and Lyra through this is to clicker play with them. Then he took off with the cloudy band of his Spirit Tribe.

He was so right! That night I did target games with both of them. After Lyra figured out she was training me, she perked up. Jark was so excited to have the games back! Kolur and I had a special move - I would tap his croup and he would turn out way from me and circle back to face me, like being turned in a country swing dance. Jark watched it, but he never did it. That night he did it with pizzazz! I touched his hip and he stepped back, twirled on his forehand and snapped back into position. Wow! The healing has begun.

I have taken the two out on trail daily, riding Lyra and ponying Jark. For years I rode Jark and ponied Kolur, then we got Lyra and I would leave two horses home. It is funny to see Jark channeling Kolur, either through Kolur's intersession, or just from the way it is. Jark is slow, soft and willing to walk behind. This is out of character. But ponying brings out the cooperation in a horse.

I am grateful to have Kolur near, but free. Here when I need him, but otherwise running and romping in the wind, free to fly!