Describing a healing journey

Each person who does Spiritual and energetic connecting and healing has a way of thinking about the work that allows them to makes sense of the work in their own minds, and  explain the work to others. I don't feel compelled to explain my experiences an a "rational" way, or in pseudoscientific language,  just to make them valid. Results alone will serve. My trust in the Spirits is my bedrock, and is pretty darn constant. But my likely story continues to unfold. It allows me to teach, to share healing work, and to explore new layers of the shamanic mysteries. But it remains just that - a poem that is rewritten everyday - with each new journey, with each new connection, with each rising sun.

As a Shaman, I do what I do and it is powerful and it helps many animals and many people. I trust my Spiritual team to be there for my customers. And they are.  The spirits I work with are comprehensive and they work with every possible aspect of an issue - but they do this on a Spiritual level. So they information I convey is metaphorical - yet it reaches right into the core. The healing power is direct and immediate. I will leave you with one or more Compassionate Spirits connected to you and your animal. They will  help guide you to the next steps.  These steps can be all sorts of things: diet, activity, attitude, energetic and/or allopathic medicine. We will ask them to make the path easy for you to see and follow. How they do this is unique to each person. Just like our likely stories that we use to explain this fabulous phenomena.