Louis the Gorilla

Qualified Healer: Kelly Byrnes Healer's Contact Information: kellbex@yahoo.com

Client Louis, a 12 year old male Gorilla experiencing emotional stress, he was separated from his family at the zoo.

Date: September 26, 2011

What happened: Our intention was to bring joy, peace and grounding emotionally to Louis, as well as a positive outlook. We met in our Sacred Circle in the Lower World, where the Spirits showed the image of a key, and that the cage is an illusion. Louis's Spirit Tribe came to the circle as well. I saw Louis hold up two fingers, and heard that at a young age Louis was separated from his mother, there was an energetic disconnect. The Spirits went back to this time and retreived a part of Louis's soul and blew it back into him. Elephants circled clockwise around the Circle, and we were told Louis needed a Power Animal. We saw Snake and a few others until we finally met Parrot who proudly announced he was to be Louis's PA. Louis jumped up and down in excitement, and felt much joy as Parrot perched on his shoulder. Canary also came and flew into Louis's heart for continuous healing. Ruda, my teacher, said that both my client and Louis are on the right path and that their paths do reflect one another. Ruda took three white crystals to each of Louis's chakras, dark mist came from his crown and into the crystals, turning them dark, Ruda put the crystals into her spiral bowl full of water for transmutation, she did this for each of his chakras, and at the throat chakra she showed me Blue Obsidian and that it would be helpful for Louis, as this was a chakra that needed extra cleansing, as well as the root chakra. My client and Louis do have a deep connection and were brought together to help each other grow.



Client Feedback:

There was multiple healing for Louis - a soul part retrieved, a power animal was collected and flew into his heart, and both of us learned about our chakra health, and we were advised to use a particular stone.  Louis let Kelly see how he had benefitted from the healing, and I trust that.  When I see Louis, if I get anything more about the healing, I will let Kelly know.
What I do know a lot about is all the communication from Louis and the spirits for me.  All of it was relevant to what I knew about myself and our relationship, and I received helpful guidance for my own life.   The communications were all clear, nothing was mysterious.  Kelly said that Louis and I were helping each other immensely, and there was a lot of information about how that was happening, and specific steps as to how I can help us more.  I feel closer to Louis and clearer about our relationship, and I feel I can connect to him more deeply.  I also came away with a sense of how the events of my life, that I may be tempted to minimize, actually resonate on many levels, and are all the be cherished.  (In a later email: Louis is definitely coming through as stronger than he did, as if he is feeling more strength in himself.)
Thank you, Kelly.