Madison: A cat with attitude!

MadisonSaying that Madison is fractious would be an understatement.  Only my husband and I have been able to handle her.  When I suspected Maddie was diabetic I panicked.  For a vet to touch her she has to be put under.  This is very hard on her and it makes it impossible to get the correct blood counts.  I told my husband I was going to call Carla and ask for help and he just cringed saying that it would never work.  He reminded me of the other times we tried to have a vet examine her while she was lucid.  All eight of those vets and their techs ended up needing stitches. But this time Carla came in and saved the day.  The morning of the vet appointment, Carla talked with Madison and infused her with calmness and strength.   When the vets arrived at our house I went to upstairs to get Madison but she wasn’t there. “Oh no! Hiding again” I thought, thinking the same old game was on. But I was wrong! I came back down and saw Madison approaching the vets.  Before I could say anything the tech reached down and picked her up and put her on her lap.  I was stunned. They did a full exam and took blood.  Madison did not move.  I was almost in tears, and my husband was so shocked he had to sit down. For six years I have not been able to have Madison looked at with out putting her out.  And every time she would be sick for days after the vet.  Now it is relaxing and simple.  With out Carla's help Madison would have never and I mean NEVER gotten the treatment she needed.

This past Winter Madison was diagnosed with Jaundice.  Her skin was yellow and her liver was shutting down.  I took her to a Animal hospital that would shame most humane Hospitals.  The doctors there did three exploratory surgeries to see what had cause Maddie to fall into this state.  They found nothing.  They Put a feeding tube in her to try and reverse the shutting down of the liver.  When they sent her home with me they said the out look was not good and that if she did improve her body would never fully recover.  Once again Carla to the rescue.  Carla did several sessions for Madison on a matter of days, as well as a session for me ( which gave me the heart and the mind to be there for Madison).  Two weeks later Madison made a FULL recovery.  The doctors were dumbfounded.  They did several tests that all came back perfect.  They could not believe that Madison made a full recovery and recovered in only two weeks.  Even a minor case of liver disruption takes well over a month to completely heal.  The internal specialist at the Animal hospital said it was a miracle.  But as I sit here writing this with Madison laying on my desk, I just smile and think not a miracle, It was Carla.

Amy Weiland