Manifesting in your garden


Shamanic Spirit Gardening is a way to create what you want in life by cultivating it in non ordinary reality. The first step is to figure out what you really want, and of course that isn't always simple. But assuming you have some idea, you can grow an intentional garden in non-ordinary reality that will grow your life according to that intention. Lately I have been determined to learn to trade options. Yes, it's true. I have always wanted to do this, and it was my dream when I went to college in New York City. Once there, I realized I didn't fit in with the cocaine lifestyle of the 1980s Wall Street, and I switched my focus to marketing. Fast forward to today, where the computer has brought the trading world to ordinary folk, and here I am doing it for real! My Non Ordinary Reality Garden is where I am shamanically building this new life skill. The learning curve is vertical, and my success is completely intertwined with my attitude, skills and clear focused intention.

By the way, I am learning my ordinary reality skills from - totally free. Totally amazing - check it out.

The garden has a tool shed that is fully stocked. The seedlings are in a cold frame, and the beds are filled with rotational fast growth crops, like radish and lettuce. I have an area of garden for every strategy I am working. The garden has protection in place for freak weather, and it has water reserves for drought. Sounds like a great investment plan, right? It even has a storage area for the harvested crops.

I journey to this garden several times a week, usually while I am walking on the desert. My Helping Spirit shows me how the garden reflects my trading, and we work on things, improving, weeding planting, harvesting, making it work! And yes, my trading is good - it's a very sweet thing.

You too can have a garden that will help you bloom. You may not have any interest in the stock market, but you probably have something that you are trying to accomplish in your life.  You can just journey and start one! If you want to join a class and learn how, I am teaching this work in February over the phone, and live at Bumble Bee in April.

The events section has details -  see you with your gardening gloves, drum and rattle.