Manifesting your Spirit's Dream

imageShamanic work is a cooperative venture with you and Spirit. When you get a personal technique from your compassionate helping Spirits you are manifesting the Spirit's dream. Many of the ancestor Spirits who work with us hold old secret knowledge. The old ways were passed along through oral tradition, and kept vibrant through the living person's dialog with the Spirits, as they practiced the rituals and recipes for healing that are part of their cultural lore. But for many of us in the western world, there has been a break in our cultural shamanic traditions. Institutions and the modern paradigm discount the old knowledge, calling it primitive, backwards and even dangerous. The old knowledge has been driven underground, but it isn't gone. Journeying to your ancestors reconnects you to that wisdom. You can revitalize your cultural teachings, and bring them into the context of our modern world. Together we can raise the flag of our inborn wisdom, bringing it back into the world fresh and alive. As you study shamanism keep this important objective in mind. Shamanism is not about doing what a human instructor says, step by step, ritual by ritual. It is about you recovering and developing YOUR medicine. It is about your direct connection to your Spirit teachers, and working with them to breath life back into the wisdom of the ages.