Mary's Journey

Hi Carla,Are you home yet?  Hope you had a good trip, you went away, right? I just did a journey and was taken to a place with my wolves and we joined a huge pack of wolves and watched a gathering of tribal people dance, chant and cook a large animal over a fire.  I saw deer and small wild cats come and join.  The pack of wolves told me we can't go and join but could watch quietly.  I became aware of a bright shining star and then realized it was a celebration about this star. The star came down and a God emerged in form and spoke about our interconnectedness and living together and loving each other.  That we are all one, each is a part of one.  We then were able to go and join the group.  I saw a grid of us all connected, like rays of light from each other's heart so that we became connected.  I then saw us exist within a geometric form.  We became the geometric form.  The God told us we are the universe, we all make up the geometry.  It was so cool. He told us we had to live in peace, harmony and love and exist together.  The tribal people then ate the animal which got moved to a wooden slab.  The animals did not eat the cooked animal.  I asked the God about the animal they were eating and he said it offered itself for the whole.  It just transformed and was now within all who ate it. It was still in the whole. My heart feels so joyful since the journey.  Like a happiness.