Mary's Shamanic Garden FIlls her Life with Blessings

Mary is a Qualified Healer, a graduate from the SpiritHealer Shamanic Healing for Animals Program. She attended our Shamanic Soul Gardening Masterclasses in early 2015. Here she shares how incredible her shamanic gardening has become.

As my garden matures and develops, I’m amazed at how it suddenly appears when I most need to be there. 

Lately as I move around my garden, I’m in awe of how much it’s grown and how green and lush it has become. It’s happened without my control or plan ( mind control.)

In the beginning, I spent time developing my garden from my mind. It was all about what I wanted in my garden for my own healings and the healings of others. Now, miraculously (that’s how I describe it) many times as I’m walking in nature, I get a vision of my garden and then my dragon keeper who guards my garden is there with me. 

I get visions with colors, water, rainbows and I know there’s rainbow healing in my garden. I can see different ponds with colors and an area with strong rainbows as the colors merge.

My most recent vision occurred yesterday while driving my car.  Strange as it seems, I continued to drive safely.

I had an unpleasant inter-action with my sister and was feeling upset, sad and disoriented. Suddenly I was in my garden with my dragon keeper and I saw the word Sorrow, and I realized I was in an area called Sorrow (which I never named.)

I sat and rain gently dropped down on me. The rain got stronger and stronger as it poured down my body. Then my tears started to flow and fall with the rain. I felt the cleansing as it poured down and out of me. The water pooled at my feet and got deeper and deeper. It looked murky and dense. Then it started swirling and moving upward as it turned into golden white light. It filled me with light and healing as it moved upwards and out of my crown. I had released all my negative feelings and I felt wonderful. 

This is such a blessing and what a great new section in my garden!!!

My gratitude to Carla for teaching me how to create my garden.

And I’m intrigued by how my garden now develops on it’s own and pulls me into it when I need it.